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nba live mobile update notes - december 2016

Date: 12/9/2016 11:02:42 AM

lead designer for nba live mobile said: we have been working extremely hard over the last few months to bring you some brand new features that will launch in the december nba live mobile update. 

nba live mobile league vs league tournaments

december update notes: league vs league tournaments

one of the most requested features has arrived! you can now compete in 24 hour tournaments against other leagues. earn rewards and climb the leader boards with each win.

december update notes: gameplay updates

we have continued to improve gameplay with this latest release. it’s headlined with lineup gameplay styles. if you're not familiar, the game features five line-ups: defensive, small ball, shooting, big man and two-way. this is a feature i’m really excited about. the 5 core lineups will now feel and play more unique than ever before. the defensive lineup plays tighter defensive pressure, the small ball lineup is quick and plays up-tempo, the big man lineup will focus on inside post plays and specializes in rebounds and blocks, the shooting lineup will pass around the perimeter looking for that open 3-coiner, and the two-way lineup is the jack of all trades lineup that has no particular weakness.

here is a breakdown of a few additions to the lineups:

each lineup calls unique plays and formations.

each lineup plays a set tempo such as balanced, up-temp, or half court.

some lineups such as big man focus on rebounding more. each lineup has a rebounding type such as get back, standard, or crash the boards.

defensive pressure is also something that each lineup focuses on differently. how tightly the defense plays against opponents with the ball and without the ball. the defensive lineup applies the most pressure, while the shooting lineup plays off the ball the furthest.

additional improvements to gameplay

improved ai playcalling – much better ball movement, setting screens, and passing.

pick and roll defense – improvements to how the ai defends against the pick and roll (switch, show and recover, and trap).

passing indicators – the player name is now displayed under the teammate who the ball will be passed to.

improved responsiveness when tapping to block or rebound.

nba scores 

catch up on scores of your favorite teams with the addition of the nba scoreboard. check when games start and view final scores.

nba live mobile nba sccores

live event apcoinments

never forget to play your favorite live event again. anytime a live event has not started yet, just tap on the “remind me” button. once the live event starts, you will receive a push note reminder that it’s now available to play. try it out on some new live events coming your way like first to score, moving zones, sequence shot zones, and more.

auction house

we added a program filter to help find items more easily.

set improvements

you can now quickly add items to a specific set from the pack opening. just tap the set icon above an eligible item.

within the set breakdown view, the addition of the “add all items” button will quickly add all available items from your bench into the set.

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