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nba 2k19 mycareer mode power forward build guide - how to create & build the best overpowered pf

Date: 3/22/2019 6:09:45 PM

you start in the nba 2k19 mycareer mode and do not know how to build the best power forward for your player, do not panic we explain everything with recommending 3 best overpowered nba 2k19 power forwards builds, covering archetype, badges, height, wingspan and their strengths & weakness!

the position power forward (pf) in the current nba is quite versatile. more and more wingers finds himself playing on this post four, which leaves less and less room for the "big men" typical of the 90s. it is almost essential to have a correct shoot halfway see at three points. without forgetting your defensive tasks, because you will have to defend as well on players of more than 2,05 meters that on very fast wingmen.


best nba 2k19 power forward builds & myplayer pf build tips

to help you out, here are three nba 2k19 archetype combos to create the power forward of your dreams. read our our nba 2k19 best archetypes & builds for each position (pg, sg, sf, pf, c), to learn more tips for building myplayer.

3-point shot / marker at station

badges: pick & pop (amethyst) specialist, free throw expert (amethyst), catch and shoot (gold), coin specialist (gold), underground shot specialist (gold), deep sniper (gold), rapid reflexes (gold), indefinable marker (gold), difficult shots (gold), infinite reach (gold).

recommended height and wingspan: 2.12m in height and 2.21m in wingspan


with this combo of archetypes, your fort winger will be a formidable offensive weapon. the opposing field will be yours, able to bring the danger of any place on the ground, you will be a permanent threat to the defenses. with an impressive offensive set, you will often be the first attack option on your team.

at three points you are a real sniper, so do not hesitate to dezonate the racket and go camping behind the outside line see in the corner. one of the advantages of this position is to force your advocate to make a choice. if it does not stick you can easily sanction through a shoot very regular three points. but this will then allow one of your outsiders to attack the circle.

near the basket you also remain a threat, even if you keep a natural shooter, it is more than possible to serve you at the station to score racket.


defense is not your forte. if offensively you are very complete, defensively many opponents will cause you serious worries in your part of the field. not the most physical nor the most aggressive, it will be difficult to shine in this exercise, especially the nights when your opponents are killers in attack. but the offensive side, the drive is a weak point of your game. indeed, you are not predisposed to attack the circle aggressively.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode best power forwards (pf) build guide - kristaps porzingis

you look like kristaps porzingis, franchise player and power forward of new york knicks, latvian is one of the revelations of recent years.

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penetration & finishing / shot creating

badges: lob city asphalt paver (amethyst), implacable finisher (amethyst), tear dropper (amethyst), genius dunker (gold), king of tap (gold), pick & roll (gold) specialist, shot specialist (gold), solo counterattack (gold), quick reflexes (gold).

recommended height and wingspan: 2.10m in height and 2.20m in wingspan.


with this archetype combo, your fort winger will be a formidable offensive stock finisher. the opponent's racket will keep your eye on you, you will feel at home. with an ultra-full offensive panel near the circle, you'll be able to destabilize any defender, even the most sticky ones. a correct mid-range shot added to a game at the formidable position and an ability to finish off-standard actions. a treat if you are associated with a creative leader. your physique also allows you to play pivot, in an nba increasingly turned to the "small ball". what to stick some easy baskets on the back of the big pivots that will fight to defend on you.


your size allows you to face certain interiors in the defensive phase. nevertheless, this aspect of the game is not part of your strength, it is difficult for you to defend irreproachably throughout a match. on the offensive side, the further away you get from the circle, the greater the difficulty will increase significantly. you are not penguin so the three-point shots that you try will be successful but only if they are caught in an open shoot situation.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode best power forwards (pf) build guide - anthony davis

you look like anthony davis, considered by many to be the best winger in the league, the all-star of the new orleans pelicans is an unstoppable offensive machine.

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rebounding / defender

badges: strong (amethyst), brick wall (amethyst), king of the flapper (gold), effective bouncer (gold), counter-attack launcher (gold), lob city finisher (gold), incomparable defender (gold), in strength (gold), dodge pro (gold), pickpocket (gold), back counter (gold), rapid reflexes (gold).

recommended size and wingspan: 2.12m in height and 2.24m wingspan.


with this combo of archetypes, the goal is simple: to become threatening in the racket, especially in yours. true defensive curtain, your winger fort will have the role of supplementing the pivot to form an inaccessible racket. your cart will become an impregnable fortress where outsiders will be afraid to approach. whether before or after the opposing shoot, your game is dominant. with an iron defense, it will be difficult for your direct opponent to exist offensively, even the best ones will break your teeth on you. and after a missed shot, be it from an opponent or a teammate, you will cause problems to the rebounds. any team will be deprived of second balloons.


your game based on an impressive physique may have very good aspects, there are also disadvantages. everything about outdoor play is almost out of your head, no question of three-point shooter and mid-distance try to be in an open position. game vision can, too, be a glaring defect in your game.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode best power forwards (pf) build guide - draymond green

you look like draymond green, men's leader of the golden state warriors, the reigning double nba champion has maintained for some years at the highest level.

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