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NBA 2K21 Best Dribble Moves Next-Gen - Easy Dribbling Tutorial & Animations For Beginners

Date: 11/23/2020 2:45:21 PM

Dribbling has been a lot of changes since NBA 2K20 gameplay, before you want to go to the next level of 2K dribbling, you have to learn the most basic and simple dribble moves. Practice makes perfect,  we bring you the best NBA 2K21 next gen dribble moves tutorial and animations for beginners at, practice more these overpowered dribbling 2k21 skills to beat regular opponents easily.


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NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Best Dribble Tutorial - Dribbling Tutorial for 2K21 Next Gen Beginners

The best way to practice your dribble ways is going to personal work out and invite anybody. The following dribble moves NBA 2K21are the easiest to learn for the new players.  How to do the basic dribble moves like speed boost, curry spam and spin back, we collect all the best 2K21 NBA dribbling tips and details from Youtube and explain the NBA 2K21 easy dribbling hand controls for PS & Xbox. In order to help you score efficiently during 2K.

Basic Dribbling Tutorial Details NBA 2K21 Next-Gen

Peek A Boost (Misdirection)

This one of the best basic moves 2K21. There is two versions slow and quick version of Peek a Boost. Choose a fast move is the ultimate misdirection that’s the most simple way to get open. Basically, just switch of directions, fake the opponents out, speed boost right. Also, it’s one of the most efficient dribble moves in NBA 2K21. Anybody can be able to do it and you can do it in any playstyle. Press up on the right stick and speed boost to the side. As soon as you start to boost to the side, you are going to quickly tap L2 and R2 diagonal, then do the curry.

Curry Spam

Just like the last move, there are also an easy way and a hard way to do the curry spam. For beginners can choose a slow and easy 2k21 dribble move: the ball is in right hand, pressing diagonal up to the left side, pressing diagonal down on the right side. Do a curry and a hesitation, if the ball is in the right hand, you’re going to flick diagonal right up, if the ball is on the left hand, you can do the same way. The new spam will be much complicated and harder, do the first curry the press R2 to move a little bit to the side, press L2 to go to the other side with curry, diagonal down R2 then L2 diagonal the other way.  Just remember the key curry r2 to move a little, l2 curry back.

Spin Back

Simple way flick up run forward, spin the right stick, speed boosting and rotation R2 down, that should get you spin back.

Steez Boost

Invented by Youtuber STEEZO THE GOD. It’s relatively simple but overpowered 2k dribble moves will help you break down the game. The fastest speed boost brings you backward, if they play off you shoot the three, if they move anyway, you are zooming past them. To do this, move forward a little bit and hold an upright stick then let go as soon as the ball goes between the legs and goes go another hand, the ball will back up and after he backs up you could either shoot the 3 or give the fast the speed boost to dunk.


NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Dribble Moves - NBA 2K21 Best Dribble Animations 

Dribble Style: Kyrie Irving

Signature Size-Up: K.Irving

Park Size-Up: Park 5

Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 2

Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

Moving Crossover: Pro 1

Moving Behind The Back: Pro 1

Moving Stepback: Pro 1

Moving Spin: Pro 4

Moving Hesitation: Pro 1

Triple Threat-Style: Normal 2

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