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nba 2k16: new controls and changes you should know

Date: 1/7/2016 10:29:19 AM

nba 2k series is an excellent game with no doubt, but it can be a little difficult for fans to get knowledge of its new controls and changes when 2k sports has released the new series each year.

here buynba2kmt will show the new controls and changes you should know in nba 2k16.


new control

2k has changed the alley-oop, bounce pass and lob in nba 2k16. the post button is no longer toggled with triagle/y button and it is now executed by holding lb/l2. you can now jump contest a layup or a dunk on defense. dribble escape is done with the right stick only. you can do a 2-hand dunk by sprinting toward basket and holding right stick forward on command. a jab step combo in triple threat, more signature size ups using sprint button and any right stick direction (hopefully u can combo them together), there is a drive cutoff move on defense for the side to side cheesers, you can dunk with different hands on command, and now if you spam the steal button you will be called for an intentional foul.


new changes

one of the new changes in nba 2k16 is the way you execute an alley-oop. anyone who has played the nba 2k series a lot over the last few years knows that this play is one that could be spammed in the past, but recent changes to the mechanics have helped to balance the mildly risky but thrilling play in the game.

the pick-and-roll is still the most essential and widely used play in basketball. mastering it with the right duo can make a team's offense almost unstoppable. running the pick-and-roll has slightly changed in nba 2k16, but you'll now have more control over how the pick is set, who sets it and what they do after picking the defensive player.


advanced contols

  • positional playcall: press l1/lb, then press teammate’s action button and choose play from menu

  • basic pick control: press and hold l1/lb

  • advanced pick control: press and hold l1/lb. use r1/rb to choose roll vs. fade and r1/rb to choose pick side.

  • set screen: circle/b

  • call for screen: triangle/y

  • icon pick control: press l1/lb, then press and hold the action button of desired screener

  • slip screen and early fade: call for pick, then press l1/lb again at any time before the screener gets hit to have him slip or fade early

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