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NBA 2K22 Best Dunk Animations for All Builds - Best Dunk & Layup Packages in 2K22

Date: 10/6/2021 4:01:27 PM

Depending on the height and some attributes requirements of your MyPlayer builds, you can choose some dunks and layups animations and equip them to help you not get blocked on the court. Here we list some of the NBA 2K22 best dunk animations and layups packages for all builds. 

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NBA 2K22 Best Dunk Animations for All Builds - Best Dunk Packages 2K22

If you want to get more dunk packages, make sure your builds meet all the animation requirements for the dunks, contact dunks and more. Trigger more useful animations this year. Cheap MT 2K22 for sale here for all platforms. 

Kobe Bryant

The first one you want to unlock from the NBA player packages is Kobe Bryant, if you are under 6’10” and have over 82 driving dunk, make sure to equip this dunk animation. It's all reverse animations, they are very important this year. 

Michael Jordan

The next one is probably the most overpowered dunk animation in 2K22 due to the Limitless Takeoff badge is Michael Jordan, if you don't make sure you do put Limitless Takeoff on gold or higher and if you have Michael Jordan, basically you just hold down the right stick before you get to the free throw line, you'll do a free-throw line dunk every time, which is super overpowered this year, so make sure to equip that animation.

More NBA 2K22 best dunk packages to use:

- Ben Simmons: a dunk package that will allow you to do paws and dunks in the game. 

- Pro Under Basket Rim Pulls: all these rim pulls dunk packages are really good this year, there is a lot of new ones, the key tip you want to make sure you have Fast Twitch on gold or higher, especially when you are a big man, even if you are just a slasher.

- Elite Basket Rim Pulls: another you want to do.

- One Hand Under Basket Athlete

- Two Hand Under Basket Athlete

- Athlete One-Handers Off One: this is a really good dunk animation for lots of smaller builds, it’s really fast and unstoppable. 

- Front Clutches: another really good dunk package this year, that’s been good for many years, with Front Clutches, they can’t block you from behind, just putting it out in front of you. The only bad thing about this animation is if you trigger it and someone's in front of you or to the side of you, it could get blocked pretty easily, but this is one that you want to try and trigger when someone is behind you, and quite often this one triggers when you're really close to the basket as well.

- Side Clutches Off One: another really fast glitchy one that never really gets blocked, you only put it out to the side for a millisecond, especially if you have Limitless Takeoff badge. 

- Baseline Reverses Off One: all the baseline reverses this year are really overpowered. Equip all the baseline reverses that you can, the more you have, the better.

- Baseline Reverses Off Two

- Windmill Baseline Reverses

- Clutch Baseline Reverses

- Straight Arm Tomahawks: now with Fast Twitch, apart from Michael Jordan, this would be the best dunk animation in the game. You can trigger this one at will just by holding the right stick diagonally up right if it’s in your right hand, and diagonally up left if it’s on your left hand. 

- Cradle Dunks Off One: super fast dunk animation never gets blocked, this is another vital one to have. 

NBA 2K22 Best Layup Animations for All Builds - Best Layup Packages 2K22

Go into the dunks and layups packages, if you have a 70 layup or higher, make sure to equip Long Athlete, this is really vital if you're a point guard, especially a smaller point guard, you want to make sure you have long athletic on if you can. It's been the best layup animation in NBA 2K for a number of years, now nothing has changed in 2K22. So go ahead and equip it.

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