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NBA 2K22 Next Gen Best Takeover - All Takeovers Tier List in 2K22

Date: 10/13/2021 2:16:25 PM

The MyPLAYER build is a staple of MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K22, which allows users to build and customize players using different badges and takeover abilities. Now, we bring you the NBA 2K22 best takeover next gen with a complete tier list and breakdown of each takeover. 

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NBA 2K22 Next Gen Best Takeover - All Takeovers Tier List in 2K22

What’s the best takeover for your build on NBA 2K22 next-gen? Check out the takeover tier list ranked by LakerFan. S-tier takeovers are highly recommended and the E-tier are relatively the most useless. 

- S Tier: Spot Up Precision, Pull-Up Precision, Team Takeover Boost

Spot-up precision is disgusting for off-the-dribble fades and stuff like that, pull up precision is disgusting and realistically you pair this with anklebreaking shots or negative impact and just run double-shot takeover on twos. Those two takeovers just completely boost your shot ratings in each of those categories and it's pretty self-explanatory for that. For the Team takeover boost, you don't even have to pass to the person, they will get a takeover boost without you passing to them.

- A Tier: Stuff Blocks, Negative Impact, Limitless Range, Post Shot Daggers, Anklebreaking Shots, Perimeter Badge Drop

For stuff blocks, a rim takeover is recommended for anybody, it's really as simple as it makes it harder for people to dunk on you, you get crazy chase downs as if chase downs aren't already crazy enough and just it's everything you'd want a rim takeover to be. It's just gonna help you protect the hoop, it's gonna let you do things that aren't just related to shotgun testing, you'll be able to actually swap people's stuff out of the way, it's just ridiculous. So stuff blocks is definitely the highest rim take on this takeover list.

Negative impact is gonna reduce the impact of the shot contest against pull-ups, stepbacks, and spin shots as if shot contesting isn't already hard enough. What it needs to be is something that fits your playstyle.

For limitless range, this takeover is pretty self-explanatory, it's gonna help you shoot from deep, this is also a very helpful takeover on top of that if you're someone who's playing as a point guard, and pick and roll situations where you maybe want to shoot from extremely deep. If you're someone who doesn't really struggle with timing their jump shot, you don't need any help actually greening, then maybe limitless range is more viable for you where if you want more range rather than the ability to hit consistently because you're already doing.

Post shot daggers, by far the best takeover for post scores and this is just going to deal with all types of things between fades hops, post hooks, all types of stuff like that, that are all super op in this game and combos with a lot of play styles too.

Anklebreaking shots, it is annoying to play against people who run with this takeover and have the supporting badges on top of it, pretty much it's what you would want playmaker takeover to do. You don't even have to go for shots, it literally just breaks ankles better and really makes no sense that this is in the shot crater takeover.

Perimeter badge drop, this is gonna drop every badge of the offensive person that you're guarding, you're gonna be able to drop their unpluggable quick first step, handles for days, all types of stuff like that, every shooting badge as long as you're contesting them pretty tightly.

- B Tier: Finishing Moves, Team Ratings Boost, Advanced Post Moves, See The Future, Enhanced Jumpshot Contest

Finishing moves by far the best for all types of pure slashers out there, it's just a really good takeover that helps you get contact dunks and catch lobs, it's very just easy to work with the takeover and it's good for picking rollers out there too, just overall good takeover for people who are slashing.

Team rating boost is gonna be one that you shouldn't run as a point guard, this is gonna be one that's actually a little bit better as a big man or a lockdown, now for you to run this as your primary takeover or even secondary, you're trying to get double-take, either way, you're gonna have to do things that are related to this takeover.

Advanced post moves are going to help you with post spins, drop steps, all types of stuff like that, clearouts when you hit the x button to pump fake, it's going to push people, at least that's what it did in the past. But it’s not the most amazing takeover, it's definitely the second-best of the post takeovers. It is more like an extension of a couple of badges like drop stepper.

For Enhanced jump shot contest, it's very hard to get shot contest in this game and anything that can help you in that regard is definitely going to be nice to have, when you're close enough to get contest anyway, it's going to just do what you would want to enhance jump shot contest to do, this is not the best lock takeover though.

See the future, this is so nice, if you're a quick reaction person or if you're an undersized big who's really fast, you're gonna be able to see where the ball goes, you don't exactly have to be in a perfect position every single time to track them down, it's pretty responsive.

- C Tier: Easy Blowbys, Team Badge Boost, Boxout Wall, Extreme Clamps, Paint Intimidation, Glass Clearing Dimes

Paint Intimidation is very similar to the sake of interior badge drop, stuff blocks are by far the best rim takeover there and realistically rim takeover is a little bit hard to actually use in this game where it's a lot of ISO for three-pointers and a lot of spacing on the court. 

For glass clearing dimes, this is not really necessary considering post playmaker like a badge, not the takeover, there is a badge called post playmaker where when you pass out of the post or an offensive rebound receivers are given a shot boost, it's pretty much the same thing. glass clearing dimes also does help to throw outlet passes. so if you're someone who is playing wreck or pro-am and you are constantly sitting in the bottom of 3-2 or sitting in the paint all game, it does make sense, this is actually a pretty solid thing to do. 

Boxout wall is going to be completely different than this, it's nothing to do with actually grabbing the rebounds and kicking out obviously, that's just a glass clearing dime specific thing, box out wall is going to help you secure box out stronger and it's also an extension of the worm, so you have box and worm tied into one takeover. 

Team badge boost is a little bit different than those two like boxout wall and glass clearing dimes, they sort of emulate certain badges where box out wall emulates box and worm, glass clearing dimes emulates post playmaker, team badge boost is going to boost your receivers badges in each category that they have them. 

For easy blowbys, if you're someone who has good three-pointer and people have to respect your three, this is going to help you a lot, for the sake of if they have to play you high, you get easy blow-bys because people are attached to your hip, if you're a true slasher that can't shoot the ball, there is no point in running this takeover. 

Extreme clamps is pretty much just an extension of another badge, clamps themselves are kind of overrated as well, now if clamps and extreme clamps both would boost your lateral quickness, they would be S tier badges and S tier takeovers, but unfortunately, all it is good for is pretty much cut-offs and bumps and stuff like that or hip riding.

- D Tier: Advanced Gathers, Interior Badge Drop

For the D-tier takeovers on 2K22 next gen, we got advanced gathers and interior badge drop. The interior badge drop would be very good for defending slashers, however pure slashers are very irrelevant in this game. It just comes down to you're not gonna play a whole lot of people who are gonna have any relevancy for you. For advanced gathers, it's kind of the same thing, it's only going to help you with spins hops, all types of stuff like that and it doesn't fit a lot of people's style either. 

- E Tier: Post Playmaking, Power Backdowns

There are not completely useless takeovers out there, while some of them like power backdowns and post playmaking are just way better post takeovers out there. Maybe the ability of these two takeovers do is not good, but having post takeover, in general, is gonna allow you to drop step people better, post-spin people better, hit post fades, and hooks better. The actual perk of what it's supposed to do for you, these two are pretty useless because there are actual badges in the game that help you do so. 

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