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NBA 2K16 Guide: How to Make Post Moves and Post Shots

1/20/2016 11:21:09 AM

Although it recently become famous to play with “Nelieball” in NBA, traditional centre forward is important in the team as well. If you learn how to make post moves and post shots. You can win the match easier. However, It’s not as simple as just pushing the left analog stick toward the basket and hitting the shoot button. Try irritating defenders by using power dribbles, fakes and perfect hook shots.

nba 2k16 post move.jpg

Here BUYNBA2KMT will teach you the basic controls of posting up and you can follow our guide to do more practice.


Post Moves

To enter Post Mode: Press and hold L2 (Playstation) or LT (XB) to post up

To drive toward the key: R2/RT + Left stick toward key

To drive to the baseline: R2/RT + Left stick toward baseline

Spin Move: Rotate stick outside

Hook Drive: Rotate shot inside

Fakes: Move the shot stick in any direction away from basket


Post Shots

Hook: Shot stick left or right toward basket (when close)

Fade: Shot stick left or right away from basket (not close)

Layup: Move and hold the shot stick left or right toward basket (when close) while the using the left stick to move your player toward the basket.

Shimmy Shot: R2/RT + shot stick left or right away from basket

Post Hop: Push left stick left or right away from basket, then press Square/X

Post Stepback: left stick away from basket, then press Square/X

Dropstep: left stick toward hoop, then press Square/X

Pump Fake: Tap shot stick to begin any post shot, then quickly release


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