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NBA 2K23 Best Animations - Fastest Dribble Moves, Badges & Tips In 2K23 Current Gen & Next Gen

Date: 9/16/2022 4:10:04 PM

Dribbling this year in NBA 2K23 is a lot harder than it's ever been in any other 2K ever but you don't have anything to worry about because. We are going to show you guys exactly what you need in order to become a dribble god in NBA 2K23. For the best NBA 2K23 dribble moves this year, it does not matter whether you aren't current gen or next gen. Both of the gens are almost the exact same. And gameplay for one is literally the exact same. The only differences are literally visual what the park looks like. Along with we will show you the NBA 2K23 best dribble moves, badges, and settings. So you know exactly what you're doing.


NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Move Animation Current Gen & Next Gen - Fastest Dribble Moves, Badges & Tips In 2K23

Do you know how to dribble on NBA 2K23? Dribbling is a lot different than it usually is and it feels so weird in the beginning. Once you're able to get used to dribbling, it definitely feels much better but it does take a lot to get used to that dribbling. However, read this NBA 2K23 dribble tutorial is one step closer to becoming a lot better at dribbling. One of the huge changes this year from last year is adrenaline boost. Adrenaline boost which you can only speed boost three times in possession. You can dribble, you can chain as many dribble moves as you want. But as soon as you sprint out of end your move, it takes away one adrenaline boost. If you use all three, then you basically can't dribble anymore. You could still dribble but you're going to be really slow and you're not going to really be able to dribble.


NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Move Settings

One of the first things you are going to want to do is go over options and quit over here. You're going into controller settings. Now there are some very important things that you're going to need to change here one of the first ones being vibration. If you like the vibration on keeping it on if you don't like it you can turn it off. Now shot meter doesn't really apply that dribbling, but we would recommend that you turn it off. The two really important things are the pro stick function and pro stick orientation. Set the default so that you can dunk with the right stick and do other things with the right stick. If you are a beginner, have this on drill moves only. It's not going to let you do anything stupid with your right stick and it's going to allow you to learn your dribble moves a little bit easier. For orientation, there's absolute and camera relative. Camera relative is so hard to dribble on and we would highly recommend having this on absolute. It's on absolute by default but do not change this to camera relative.


NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Move Badges

You are going to want to have certain plant-making badges on and they're going to help you out so so much when you are dribbling.


Quick First Step

You're going to want to have this badge on the maximum you possibly can. What this badge does is basically makes your speed boost animations and you're dribbling a lot quicker. So you're definitely going to want to have it on the highest level possible.


Killer Combos

Last year this badge was basically called quick chain and this year it's called killer combos. This is one of the most important badges you're going to have at the highest level possible. What it does is it allows you to dribble a lot in a row and basically chain a bunch of your moves together. If you don't have this badge on you dribble so much slower.


Handles for Days

With all this dribbling, you're definitely going to need some handles for days. Because you're going to run stamina very quickly this year and that was one of the huge focuses 2K had on completely nerfing stamina. so you have to be very efficient with your dribbling this year.



No not get ripped we would definitely recommend having on at least bronze unpluckable if not higher it basically just allows you to not get ripped when you're dribbling.


Bail Out

The best thing you can do is run at least bronze bail as well. That way you can pass out a shot and the ball is not going to go over your teammate's head.


Clamp Breaker

This is also a very important badge. It helps you fight off contact and overall just break down your opponents and drive by them.


Floor General

Your last remaining playmaking badge you are going to put on floor general now.


If you have more than this up clamp breaker, put on some ankle breaker even mismatch expert if you're like a small guard. Vice grips can be really important if you're struggling with getting ripped after you get a rebound. But these are definitely the most important badges to have on.


NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves

Dribble Style - Michael Jordan

By far and above the best one is Michael Jordan. It’s very quick both ways.


Signature Size-Up - Tracy McGrady

The best one is Tracy McGrady, it's just very quick and all the animations are very solid. It doesn't really have any slow animations and it's very good for when you're dribbling.


Size-Up Escape Packages - Paul George

Going into the size of escape is one of the most important things to have on and to do it correctly. The best one is Paul George. The size of the escape crossover in it is great. The rest of the moves are kind of iffy. And all of these NBA players ones are really good, to be honest, Kobe is decent, Luka is pretty good, LeBron is good and John Wall is good as well.


Moving Crossover - Pro

This one has a spin back, it allows you to do the spin back.


Moving Behind The Back - Zach LeVine

If you are a guard under 6’5 and have a 90-plus ball handle you can get Steph Curry. But anyone else the best one is Zach LeVine by far. It's just fast and all the other ones are really slow and clunky.


Moving Spins - Basic

There are a lot of moving spins but basic is better. Because it allows you e to do that spin.


Moving Hesitations - Luka Doncic

It's going to give you a few very important moves as well as that super glitchy hesitation. Overall it's just the best moving hesitation.


Moving Stepbacks - Luka Doncic

This move is called the awesome slide which is very good at creating space, especially when you're moving up on the threes court. It's okay as well on the twos but very good on the three courts and moving step back Luka is the best one.


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