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NBA 2K23 99 Overall Glitch - Fastest Way to Get 99 Overall and Max Badges in 2K23

Date: 10/12/2022 11:56:44 AM

Compared to previous games, the change to the 2K23 badge system and the overall system is significant, which means the build creation is probably more difficult, but you can still improve the game experience and efficiency through some methods. Today, we’ll talk about the NBA 2K23 99 overall glitch for how to get 99 overall and max badges fast, and what happens at 99 overall. 

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NBA 2K23 99 Overall Glitch - Fastest Way to Get 99 Overall and Max Badges in 2K23

2K has made some adjustments to the overall system of NBA 2K23, before getting into the free and best method to reach 99, there are some rules that need to be explained first. 

What happens after 95 overall in 2K23? 2K gets rid of the +1 attribute at every rating after 95 overall on the current gen, and there is no more floating scale between 95 to 99. 

What happens at 99 overall in 2K23? Once you upgrade your player to 99 overall, you will stay at 99 this year. But there is no +4 to your attributes when you hit 99 on the current gen. You can just spend VC and upgrade to 99, and you won’t go down even if you play a bad game. 

Easiest & Fastest Way to Get 99 Overall (MyPoints) and Max Badges in 2K23

To hit 99 overall in NBA 2K23, you need to increase your MyPoints or XP fast. The first important thing is the Settings, you are going to figure out the best game difficulty to get the most XP, if you want to reach it faster, Hall of Fame is the way to go. However, if you are not good enough at this game, you can also choose a lower difficulty like All-Star, but adjusting game difficulty will affect the amount of 2K23 VC and MyPoints you earned in games. Overall, try to apply the highest difficulty possible you can if you want to increase your overall quickly. There are some other things you should determine, for example, whether to use a dunk meter or not and what is the best quarter length. 

2k23 99 overall glitch

The fastest way to reach 99 overall maybe vary for everyone, but throwing lobs is probably the best method to get your MyPoints up, get your overall up and max out your badges as possible in that win game. Learning more tips for winning games will also be helpful for you to earn MyTeam points. In 2K23, there is literally no cap to how much you can get, but in previous years, there would be a limit, there's no nothing like that this year give you the same amount of XP for every single thing. Another thing that happens this year is it's not just you getting an assist when you're doing playmaking, so even if you just do a pass, even if it's a turnover, you get something for that. They changed a lot of things when it comes to this MyPoint system, if you don't notice 95 to 99 has been taken out of the game. It is significantly tougher once you do hit 95, if you're getting and doing this method, you're gonna get as much as possible, throwing lobs is the easiest throw, but if you're going for continents, you want to get you a go-to move that you can get around the defender and keep people in the paint so that you can have somebody to dunk on, that's one go for lobs, if you're not really the person that can create for yourself, just go for lobs.

For defense, basically what you should do is get steals and blocks, but depending on your play style, you have to do certain things. If you're locked, go for more steals, if you're big, go for rebounds and blocks, if you're a lock that has blocked on your ears, you can even go for blocks, if you're a slasher, you're gonna go for contact dunks, if you're a shooter, you're gonna go for as many limitless range shots as possible. 

When it comes to shooting, it is a little bit more complicated because it is based on if you are making or missing shots, if you are missing too many shots, you will not get as much XP as you can, but if you are making your shots be perfectly fine, you can still get lots of MyPoints. All this stuff is literally based on your builds.

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