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NBA 2K23 Defensive Settings Next & Current Gen - Best Defensive Setting 2K23 MyTEAM & How to Change

Date: 10/17/2022 4:16:28 PM

Here we’ll go over the new best defensive settings in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM to get more wins in the game, they will work for both next-gen and current-gen consoles. We’ll also introduce how to change defensive settings in 2K23. 

NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Settings Next Gen & Current Gen - Best Defensive Settings 2K23 MyTEAM

You can customize your defensive settings in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM to lower your opponent's shooting percentage and make your team easier to win then gain more 2K23 MT as well. Below are settings chosen by Evan Tanaka, you can try that. 

- On-Ball Pressure: Tight. The best way to go is probably Tight. What on-ball pressure means is the amount of space and pressure the on-ball defender will guard their matchup with when they have the ball. If you are using your center, it is going to be how close is he to the ball handler. If you have it on Gap, he is going to give a lot of space if he has, if you have it on Smother, means he's going to be as close as possible, and a good middle ground is going to be Tight for on-ball pressure. 

- Off-Ball Pressure: Moderate or Tight. This refers to the space and pressure that a defender will guard their matchups when they don’t have a ball. It basically means in the corner and how much space is your CPU going to give. If you have it on Leave Them, they are going to give them much space, so they are gonna let them shoot. Generally, the best off-ball pressure is going to be either Moderate or Tight. 

- On-Ball Screen: Go Over. This setting is how the on-ball defender will play the ball carrier in the pick-and-roll situation. In NBA 2K23, people are starting to learn how to shoot and how to get threes off, so Go Over is probably going to be the best on-ball screen. 

- On-Ball Screen (Center): Go Over. This one is for the on-ball defender when the center is the hedge defender. 

- Hedge: No Hedge or Soft Hedge. This affects how the defender will guard the screener. No Hedge is a little bit better than Soft Hedge, but you can run Soft Hedge or Catch Hedge as well those are definitely going to be the best Hedges to go with.

- Hedge (Center): No Hedge. This one is for when the center is the hedge defender. 

- Stay Attached: Yes. Make sure this setting is on Yes, which makes the hedge defender stay attached to the screener. 

- Drive Help Rules: No Help. The most important defensive setting in 2K23, make sure both the Drive Help Rules and Screen Help Rules are on No Help, to limit perimeter shooting in drive situations. Basically, if you don't have them on No Help and you have them on Help & No Rotation or Automatic, if you drive to the basket, you have your CPU in the corner, that CPU is literally just gonna drop down and leave the wide open shooter in the corners.

- Screen Help Rules: No Help. 

- Cutter Help Rules: No Help. This one is up to you. If you ever feel like you're getting back cut a lot, or people are just cutting to the basket and just getting a wide-open dunk every single time, then you probably want to have Help & No Rotation, the best one to go with is probably going to be No Help, you just want to use her the back cuts right try to stop them by yourself. if you're really struggling at starting and stopping back cuts and they just keep getting to the basket with ease off those cuts, then you probably want to do Help & No Rotation or Automatic.

- Transition Defense: No Threes. This setting is also super important, if you have transition defense, set it to No Threes which means your CPU when running back on defense is gonna run to the corners and prevent the threes in transition and on the fast break.

How to Change and Save Defensive Settings in 2K23?

If you do not know how to change and save your defensive settings, head over to your MyTEAM screen and select Lineups Management, click Edit Lineup, then scroll down to Coach Gameplan and click it, you’ll see your defensive settings. And they do save once you go into a game. 

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