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Best Takeovers in 2K23 Next & Current Gen - NBA 2K23 Takeover Tier List & Attribute Boost

Date: 11/1/2022 4:59:35 PM

Takeovers can improve the abilities of your MyPLAYER significantly in 2K23, which one to use for your build? Today we’ll get into the NBA 2K23 takeover tier list on next gen and current gen to look at the best takeovers, as well as takeover attribute boosts and best takeover perks in the game. 

2k23 takeover tier list

Best Takeovers in 2K23 Next Gen - NBA 2K23 Takeover Tier List Next Gen

Check out YaboiFitz’s NBA 2K23 next-gen takeover tier list that ranks every single takeover in the game. Advanced Post Moves takeover is what you need if you want to do a drop step, a post-spin, or stuff like that in the post, it is a Post Scorers takeover, pretty much all the post scorers are kind of broken. Negative Impact is literally a broken takeover, you can green any contest with this consistently, you can shoot some crazy and you'll be with the green, especially if you repair negative impact with Trey young, literally automatic three every single time, it's very broken. Then, the Perimeter Badge Drop is actually one of the most broken takeovers in 2K23 next gen, so they are put in the S-tier, and for F-tier takeovers, it is not recommended to use them, at least for current Season 2. 

- S Tier: Advanced Post Moves, Negative Impact, Perimeter Badge Drop

- A Tier: Anklebreaking Shots, Easy Blowbys, Extreme Clamps, Finishing Moves, Limitless Range, Paint Intimidation, Power Backdowns, Pull-Up Precision, See The Future, Spot-Up Precision, Stuff Blocks, Team Badge Boost, Team Ratings Boost

- B Tier: Advanced Gathers, Boxout Wall, Enhanced Jumpshot Contests, Interior Badge Drop, Post Shot Daggers 

- F Tier: Post Playmaking, Glass Clearing Dimes, Team Takeover Boost

Best Takeovers in 2K23 Current Gen - NBA 2K23 Takeover Tier List Current Gen

Below is the NBA 2K23 takeover tier list for current-gen. Post Scorer is a really good takeover, it gets boosts into interior defense, it gets one of the main things that you would go for a rim takeover, post fade, post hook, and more things are benefited with the post takeover, the only thing is you're not really gonna have a lot of post scoring builds all the time, but it's still broken. For Glass Cleaner, it is the only takeover that gives you boosts to the rebound for defensive and offensive and you get other things as well across the board, it is going to be an A-tier takeover. 

- S Tier: Post Scorer

- A Tier: Glass Cleaner, Spot Up Shooter, Playmaker, Lockdown Defender

- B Tier: Shot Creator, Slashers, Rim Protector

NBA 2K23 Takeover Attribute Boost

There are 8 main categories of takeovers in NBA 2K23, each type of takeover gives different boosts to attribute rating as shown. Anything else is a +5 bonus. 

- Slasher: +8 Close Shot, +8 Driving Layup, +8 Driving Dunk, +8 Standing Dunk, +8 Ball Handle, +8 Speed With Ball, +8 Speed, +8 Acceleration, +8 Strength, +8 Vertical, +8 Draw Foul

- Shot Creator: +8 Mid-Range Shot, +8 Ball Handle, +8 Driving Layup

- Spot Up Shooter (Sharp): +8 3PT Shot, +8 Mid-Range Shot

- Playmaker: +8 Driving Layup, +8 Pass Accuracy, +8 Ball Handle, +8 Speed With Ball

- Lockdown Defender: +8 Perimeter Defense, +8 Steal, +8 Speed, +8 Acceleration, +8 Strength

- Post Scorer: +8 Close Shot, +8 Interior Defense, +8 Post Hook, +8 Post Control, +8 Post Fade

- Glass Cleaner: +8 Close Shot, +8 Offensive Rebound, +8 Defensive Rebound, +8 Strength, +8 Vertical 

- Rim Protector: +8 Close Shot, +8 Interior Defense, +8 Block

NBA 2K23 Best Takeover Perks

Finally, when it comes to the takeover perks, here is a tier list for NBA 2K23 takeover perks on both current-gen and next-gen. 

- S Tier: Accelerator, Juice

- A Tier: Extender, Minimizer, Sponge

- B Tier: Decelerator, Second Chance

- F Tier: Saboteur, Stay Warm

You can also read out NBA 2K23 badge tier list and build guide, we are providing cheap NBA 2K23 MT for all platforms. 

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