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NBA 2K23 Season 7 Rewards Guide - Mode Rewards, Level 40, Events & Challenges In 2K32

Date: 5/16/2023 12:33:26 PM

Is NBA 2K23 Season 7 going to be a good season? Today, we are going to be taking a step forward looking forward to Season 7 in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM. In this NBA 2K23 Season 7 update guide, we will predict mode rewards, level 40, events, and challenges!


NBA 2K23 Season 7 Rewards Guide - Mode Rewards, Level 40, Events & Challenges In 2K32

NBA playoff events were going to be better than they were and that was the content for this season or they're either done with the game. Those are the two things kind of being over, they said two-week seasons would be back. We're set up for a good Season 7 update for NBA 2K23 especially because we're going to see a spotlight event. Let's start with the NBA 2K23 Season 7 rewards!


NBA 2K23 Season 7 Rewards 

Mode Rewards

In general, the 2K23 Season 7 mode rewards were horrible. Now guaranteed in Season 7 will be Dark Matters. Last year, we saw a Clutch Time Fernando Martin, Agent Zero was in Clutch Time, and Moses Malone in the Draft, he was a solid Draft reward. Finley in Unlimited is solid. Dumars was Interception and Ascension. LaMarcus Aldridge and Jamaal Wilkes were in Triple Threats. But we also saw token rewards for Oscar Robinson as well as Antawn Jamison. Here's the deal if we get two new Dark Matters in the Token Market that's going to mean a lot for the game. The game needs that two new Dark Matters in the Token Market already get people more invested. You combine that with good Dark Matters in every mode, that's a great start to the season. Obviously, Season 6 is 6 weeks long, so you need more than that you need these modes to be rewarding.


RNG Rewards

We do expect RNG rewards to be back in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Season 7. People get mad at RNG rewards just in general for me should there maybe be a limit to a certain amount of games. You just get along to a morning sure, it's a bigger problem with that you remember when you used to win like a certain amount of Triple Threat Offline or a certain amount of Unlimited you get a card in the agendas. What happened to that? Give us back you the good packs in Unlimited, throw a shoot throw a radiant T-Mac in Unlimited for a limited time. Give us something like that in these specific modes. RNG rewards are probably going to be back and they get a bad rap just because there's nothing else rewarding in the mode and there's no guarantee. You can play a ton of Unlimited and not get Gilbert Arenas. A bigger problem than nearly anything is that you can play a lot and not get rewarded.


NBA 2K23 Season 7 Level 40 Rewards 

We're going to see an Invincible at level 40. Last year in Season 7, we saw Invincible Anthony Edwards. What if we saw a level 40 reward for Invincible LaMelo Ball? We’re not saying we're going to see that for sure but what if we did? What if we saw Invincible LaMelo Ball would that change your perception heading into the new season? Because people would probably be more excited to grind for level 40. Season 6 Level 40 Hakeem is great? No. Is he bad? No. Hakeem wasn't that bad but he wasn't the card you're really going to get that excited for.


NBA 2K23 Season 7 Events

Two-week season events are probably going to be back and what does that mean every two weeks, we'll have some players to grind for. Just like before, we saw Russell Westbrook, Yi Jianlian, and Ray Allen, these were the cards for everybody out there that was no money spent. These were incredible, you got a top 5 power forward, top 5 point guard, and top 5 shooting guard every two weeks. Now what was the big problem with this in these events, everybody was banned during that time. If 2K bring these type of cards back into NBA 2K23 Season 7 MyTEAM every two weeks, people are going to enjoy that. It's a reason to load up the game every single day!


NBA 2K23 Season 7 Challenges

We could see a big Spotlight Challenge in NBA 2K23 Season 7. We have seen it in years past and we see it again. What could this look like? In 2K21, the Bill Russell Triple Threat was so fun. Along the way for Bill Russell, you got Dark Matter James Worthy, Dark Matter Dame, Dark Matter Jimmy Butler, you also got a ton of good Galaxy Opals. You could go from Galaxy Opal Michael Cooper to the Galaxy Opal Manu Ginobili that everybody loved back then. In NBA 2K21, we got the Gauntlet Spotlight Sims as well, probably at the end of this upcoming season 7 in which we could get a Gauntlet type of Spotlight Sims.

If we get good Dark Matter awards that's the start of every mode, there could be RNG in there but that can't be. The main thing is good RNG rewards as well as just good mode rewards for completing the mode. We have the two-week seasons back, so three free players in which you get other free players along the way that culminated in a good card. You give us one Spotlight grind, only one Spotlight grind that gets the community together. And an invincible level 40, this could be the best season yet. If you need cheap NBA 2K23 MT for Season 7  NBA 2K23, is going to be a safe online store!

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