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NBA 2K23 Playoff: New Evos, Rewards, Spotlight Challenges, Packs and Best Evo Cards

Date: 4/25/2023 5:23:21 PM

Along with the NBA Playoff, all playoff teams are going to get new player cards in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, and evolution will be added to their playoff card to raise their level. What playoff cards are added in 2K23 and which ones are the best to evo? We’ll go over the NBA 2K23 Playoff event, covering Playoff Spotlight Challenges, rewards, new Evos, packs, and some of the best evo cards. 

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NBA 2K23 Playoffs Spotlight Challenges, Rewards & Packs

Complete the new Playoffs series spotlight challenge groups in 2K23 MyTEAM to earn rewards, new challenges will be added throughout the playoffs as games are played. It seems that the Playoff Spotlight Challenge rewards will include different Playoff cards, 2K MT points and tokens. More details will be available. 

1) Bucks vs Heat Series

Bucks vs Heat Game 1

- Reward: 5 tokens

Bucks vs Heat Game 2

- Reward: NBA Playoffs Deluxe Unauctionable Player Pack

2) Nuggets vs Timberwolves Series

Nuggets vs Timberwolves Game 1

- Reward: 5 tokens

Nuggets vs Timberwolves Game 2

- Reward: NBA Playoffs Unauctionable Player Pack

3) Cavaliers vs Knicks Series

Cavaliers vs Knicks Game 1

- Reward: 5 tokens

Cavaliers vs Knicks Game 2

- Reward: NBA Playoffs Unauctionable Player Pack

4) Suns vs Clippers Series

Suns vs Clippers Game 1

- Reward: 5 tokens

Suns vs Clippers Game 2 

- Reward: NBA Playoffs Unauctionable Player Pack

Suns vs Clippers Game 3

- Reward: 2,000 MT

5) 76 ERs vs Nets Series

76 ERs vs Nets Game 1

- Reward: 5 tokens

76 ERs vs Nets Game 2

- Reward: NBA Playoffs Unauctionable Player Pack

76 ERs vs Nets Game 3

- Reward: 2,000 MT

6) Kings vs Warriors Series

Kings vs Warriors Game 1

- Reward: 5 tokens

Kings vs Warriors Game 2

- Reward: NBA Playoffs Unauctionable Player Pack

Kings vs Warriors Game 3

- Reward: 2,000 MT

7) Galactic Conqueror Celtics

Celtics Wave 1

Celtics Wave 2

Celtics Wave 3

Celtics Wave 4

Celtics’s Captain

There is also an NBA Playoffs Super Pack released on April 20, but it is only available in the pack market for 24 hours.

NBA 2K23 New Playoff Cards - What are Best Evo Cards in 2K23

How to get evo cards in NBA 2K23? The evolution cards can get upgrades and changes by doing statistical milestones that are exclusive to each card, the stats, animations, badges, and more things can be improved. Among these new Playoff EVO cards revealed in 2K23 MyTEAM, which one looks to be the best?

1. Jamal Murray - PG/SG 

The first Evo card, which is the Pink Diamond Jamal Murray going up to a Galaxy Opal and then evo up to a Dark Matter version, got a crazy performance in the match. The Dark Matter Jamal Murray is gonna have great stats and badges. Whether it is on the defensive end or on offense, he’s got 30 Hall of Fame badges in different categories, such as Blinders, Deadeye, Guard Up, Ankle Breaker, Quick First Step, Floor General, Anchor, Challenger, and more. When looking at the animations, they're glitched a little bit, he’s got the Jamal Murray signature size up, Trae Young escape package, this is a decent amount better than his Galaxy Opal. 

2. Anthony Edwards - SG/SF

Anthony Edwards is a six foot five shooting guard with a six foot nine wingspan, his Dark Matter card has very solid stats, he’s got the release timing on Very Quick, and some really good dribble sigs, the Kyle Lowry size up and Trae Young escape package, he also got Trae Young leaner, this card does become a lot better at the shooting guard spot, which is going to be way better than the GO. 

3. Xavier Tillman - C/PF

He is gonna go up to a Galaxy Opal all the way from a Ruby to an Opal, he is a six foot seven power forward with a seven foot one wingspan, and the stats are actually really good, jump shot wise, but not exactly sure, this is probably not very playable. 

4. Joe Ingles - SG/SF 

As a six foot nine shooting guard, Joe Ingles will only go up to a Diamond tier, but he has really good solid and all-around defensive stats and badges, he’s got Hall of Fame Catch And Shoot, Claymore, Corner Specialist, and Limitless Range. Then in terms of the animations, he also got way better dribble moves, and a jump shot on very quick timing, he could be a really interesting player at the SG position. 

5. Pat Connaughton - SF/SG

Pat Connaughton can evo from a Pink Diamond to a Galaxy Opal, six foot five weight maybe a little bit undersized, but he has great all-around stats, with the evolution, he can get +7 interior defense, +5 steal, +7 block, +3 perimeter defense and +5 speed with ball. When it comes to the badges, he’s got Hall of Fame Limitless Range, Deadeye, Blinders, Amped, Agent 3, and lots of others. Moving to the animations, his jump shot is going to be very quick and does have some solid dribble animations. Overall, this is a decent guard. 

6. Brook Lopez - C

Brooke Lopez is a very nice center being seven foot one with a seven foot five wingspan, his stats are really gonna get upgraded, including the +15 speed, +15 acceleration, and more boosts. A lot of attributes look amazing, especially on the defensive end. He also got a bunch of HOF defensive badges, his jump shot is going to get changed as well, Nemanja Bjelica at the base, release timing on Very Quick. Brooke Lopez could be a very good Galaxy Opal center in 2K23 MyTEAM.

List of All NBA 2K23 New Playoff Evos

Playoff cards are available in all market packs. 

GO Mitchell Robinson

GO Robert Williams III

GO Keegan Murray

GO De'Andre Hunter

PD Mike Conley

PD Kyle Anderson

DM Russell Westbrook

GO De'Anthony Melton

GO Paul Reed

PD Deandre Ayton

PD Duncan Robinson

PD Kyle Lowry

DM Trae Young

GO RJ Barrett

PD Saddiq Bey

PD Bruce Brown

GO Kevon Looney

GO Spencer Dinwiddie

GO Norman Powell

GO Nicolas Claxton

PD Nah'Shon Hyland

DM Jamal Murray

DM Anthony Edwards

GO Brook Lopez

GO Pat Connaughton

GO Xavier Tillman

D Joe Ingles

PD Bogdan Bogdanovic

PD Dejounte Murray

PD Caris LeVert

GO Darius Garland

GO Cameron Johnson

GO Tyrese Maxey

GO Davion Mitchell

GO Rui Hachimura

GO Kevin Love

GO Jamal Murray

GO Austin Reaves

DM De'Aaron Fox

GO Malik Monk

GO Jalen Brunson

GO Tobias Harris

GO Derrick White

PD Josh Hart

Diamond Paul Reed

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