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NBA 2K23 Best Playoff Evo Cards - Playoff Players Tier List in 2K23 MyTEAM

Date: 5/12/2023 5:39:02 PM

To select the most powerful and valuable players among a ton of Playoff players, we’ll take you to go over a tier list ranking the best NBA 2K23 Playoff Evo cards in MyTEAM. 

Best NBA 2K23 Playoff Evo Cards - Playoff Players Tier List in 2K23 MyTEAM

The tier list ranking S tier that goes all the way down to D tier playoff evolution players in NBA 2K23.

- S Tier: 99 OVR Brook Lopez, 99 OVR Devin Booker, 99 OVR Jimmy Butler, 99 OVR Kevon Looney, 99 OVR Mitchell Robinson

- A Tier: 97 OVR Nicolas Claxton, 99 OVR Anthony Edwards, 96 OVR Deandre Ayton, 97 OVR Rui Hachimura, 97 OVR Cameron Johnson, 97 OVR Keegan Murray, 99 OVR De’Aaron Fox, 97 OVR Marcus Smart, 99 OVR Russell Westbrook, 97 OVR R. J. Barrett

- B Tier: 99 OVR Stephen Curry, 97 OVR Robert Williams III, 97 OVR Derrick White, 97 OVR Austin Reaves, 96 OVR Dejounte Murray, 99 OVR Desmond Bane, 99 OVR Bam Adebayo, 96 OVR Bruce Brown, 97 OVR D'Angelo Russell, 99 OVR Jamal Murray, 94 Jarred Vanderbilt, 97 OVR Kevin Love

- C Tier: 98 OVR Tobias Harris, 99 OVR Draymond Green, 96 OVR Saddiq Bey, 96 OVR John Collins, 97 OVR De’Andre Hunter, 94 Torrey Craig, 97 OVR Spencer Dinwiddie, 97 OVR Pat Connaughton, 97 De'Anthony Melton, 97 OVR Norman Powell, 94 OVR Joe Ingles, 99 OVR Malik Monk, 97 OVR Tyrese Maxey

- D Tier: 97 OVR Gabe Vincent, 98 OVR Darius Garland, 97 OVR Jalen Brunson, 98 OVR Kyle Lowry, 99 OVR Trae Young

Which playoff evolution cards should you choose in 2K23? 

The final NBA 2K23 Playoff Evolution tier list contains five Dark Matter players in the S-tier category. Brook Lopez is probably the best Playoff Evo card in the game and is going to be in the S tier. Kevon Looney is going to be S tier alongside Brook Lopez, he's six foot nine at the power forward position with a seven foot three wingspan great player model, he's an elite level defender who has almost every single Hall of Fame defensive badge. Animation-wise, he got the Kyle Lowry size up, Trae Escape, and more. Devin Booker is definitely an S-tier player and is a top five Playoff Evo card, he is an amazing 6’6 point guard with a 6’6 wingspan, on the offensive side, he got a good jump shot, and can drive to the basket and finish at a decently high level. Jimmy Butler is easily one of the top 5 Playoff Evo cards, he could play point guard that would make the card a lot better, but even at the shooting guard position, getting those extra Hall of Fame badges for the shooting is going to be super helpful.

There are also a number of solid options to choose from in the A tier. Nicolas Claxton is incredible at the center and power forward position and is probably better as a big man because his jump shot is not the greatest but he is an elite defender, he has good strength, dribble sigs and he can knock down threes. Dark Matter Anthony Edwards can be somewhere in B or maybe A tier, he is a great 6’5 shooting guard with a 6’9 wingspan, he is probably not in the top 10 SGs in the game but still solid, he’s got a decent jump shot, Kyle Lowry size up, and Trae Young escape package. Deandre Ayton is an amazing and kind of budget center in 2K23, you can purchase his Pink Diamond item with around 10 to 15K NBA MT points, he is gonna be a decent and all-around defender, he can also finish on the basket and handle the ball a little bit when he needs to. Cameron Johnson is a good small forward with a great jump shot that is super easy to time. 

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