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NBA 2K23 Meta Center Build in Season 7 - Best Big Man Build 2K23 Next Gen

Date: 5/27/2023 11:16:00 AM

What overpowered builds you can utilize to dominate in Season 7 of 2K23? Today we are going to introduce a meta center build on NBA 2K23 next gen.

NBA 2K23 Meta Center Build in Season 7 - Best Big Man Build 2K23 Next Gen

For this NBA 2K23 big man build, you can go either center or power forward position, the optimal height you can go with a center is 6’11, and you also want to go with 238 lbs height. Then max your wingspan. 238 lbs weight with a 7’9” wingspan allows you to get a gold Brick Wall in 75 Speed With Ball. Below listed the best body settings, badges, takeovers, and potential attributes when you have a 99 overall. You are going to build a 2-Way Diming 3-Level Scorer.

1. Body Settings

- Height: 6’11”

- Weight: 238 lbs

- Wingspan: 7’9”

2. Attribute Potential

For the attributes, firstly, raise your close shot to an 85, and go with 70 on your driving layup, this will give you a dominant big man layup package, then get your driving dunk to an 80, which gives quick drops, then go ahead to get an 80-rated standing dunk, this is going to give your all pro big man contact dunks. For the shooting category, go with an 81 on both mid-range shots and three-point shots, it is very important as it gives you a close shot on goals. With 80 free throws, you are going to get 20 badge points. Next, 86 on the pass accuracy to get a Break Starter on Hall of Fame, this is also going to be a really good build for Pro-Am and you can even use it to hit level 40 in Season 7.

- Finishing: Close Shot 85, Driving Layup 70, Driving Dunk 80, Standing Dunk 80, Post Control 50

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot 81, Three-Point Shot 81, Free Throw 80

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy 86, Ball Handle 51, Speed With Ball 25

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense 85, Perimeter Defense 70, Steal 70, Block 93, Offensive Rebound 70, Defensive Rebound 85

- Physicals: Speed 75, Acceleration 60, Strength 86, Vertical 75, Stamina 90

3. Takeovers

- Primary: Glass Cleaning Dimes

- Secondary: Spot-Up Precision

4. Badges

- Finishing badges: Limitless Takeoff (Silver), Aerial Wizard (Silver), Fearless Finisher (Gold), Rise Up (Silver), Fast Twitch (Gold, Core)

- Shooting badges: Comeback Kid (Bronze), Blinders (Silver), Claymore (Gold), Green Machine (Gold), Deadeye (Bronze), Catch & Shoot (Gold, Core)

- Playmaking badges: Floor General (HOF), Special Delivery (HOF), Mismatch Expert (Bronze), Break Starter (HOF, Core), Vice Grip (Bronze)

- Defensive badges: Boxout Beast (Gold), Chase Down Artist (HOF), Anchor (Gold), Rebound Chaser (Silver), Brick Wall (Gold, Core)

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