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nba 2k17 draft class for ps4/xb1

Date: 10/13/2016 10:13:41 AM

i've just completed a draft class where all 150 prospects are real for xb1


if your on xb1, i just completed a draft class that has literally every single person draft eligible that is likely to declare, so all 150 prospects are made from scratch real prospects. my gamertag is hurricane67, and the class is titled 2016-2017 every player is real. i'm planning on doing this up to 2019, and i've tested the class with a few different myleauge runs. it took me 18 hours over the past week. i hate myself. i have yet to play an actual game of 2k. anyway, potentials are realistic. if you have any questions, please ask!

i just downloaded this is a great draft class, i went through and randomly searched players to see if there random generated players and nope.... i will recommend to anyone faces and starts look relatively good to the new ratings comparison in 2k17. very impressed mate.

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