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nba 2k17 domination rewards in myteam mode

Date: 10/13/2016 5:48:20 PM

nba 2k17 myteam mode domination has been very popular among gamers since nba 2k17 was released on september 20. nba 2k17 domination rewards becomes a hot topic among fans. what are nba 2k17 domination rewards? are they worth the nba 2k17 mt?

2k player awards the diamond board 

2k have also replaced the set player awards for completing myteam online and historic domination with a new feature called the diamond board. this year you will get to pick from 6 diamond level players when reaching the top level in each mode. 2k even have an amethyst board when you complete regular domination with your pick of 1 of 6 amethyst-level players. 

first of all the regular domination: i got silver players in all packs except boston (i. thomas), atlanta (j. teague) and thunder (westbrook) of the normal teams. in the all-stars packs i got players i already had with wall and klay, as mt-team-reward i got kawhi. 

and then those classic all-stars.... there must be some one great in the packs. come on. i play against the best of the bests. all diamonds, amethysts and only 1 gold and 1 silver in the squad. i mean, what are the chances?

nba 2k17 domination rewards

all-stars: maurice cheeks, not even in the squad ?

all-stars: chris mullin. ok, sounds great. played 4-5 times with him. he is not an upgrade to kawhi (what wasn’t a surprise though kawhi is a beast). but he hasn’t even replaced hayward. 

final mt-team: dennis rodman - again. nice 2000 mt of the marketplace.

this is awful. i felt at least after beating the goats and diamond birds/jordans and get 900+ mt a game...and think about the strength my team already had at this time.. i felt i should get at least 1 amethyst classic.

after they destroyed the reward-system in the collections, this year you get vip packs for completions.

nba 2k16 domination rewards felt like it was total random. i became bronze, silvers, golds...but because of the separation in gold and amethyst, this year it’s almost unlikely to get something great out of the packs. there are just a few great golds (melo, westbrook) and even those are max. 

i don't know why 2k did it, but i think the rewards aren’t random like last year. they must have increased the chances on gold players and i didn't read about a single amethyst player out of those packs. i wonder how a regular player should get an amethyst card besides "buying vc for real money" and then buying endless packs, and i think that’s what 2k wanted.

but i gotta say: complete at least the regular domination mode. its easy and you will get j. kidd. for me  the best pg in the game. does everything but dunking!

the amethyst and diamond legends arent really available yet. eventually as the nba season goes along there will probably be legends packs to buy, and also i would assume challenges to unlock these legend amethyst players. but as of right now the greats are not possible to obtain. 

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