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languagetype_en "nba2k16" method of operation comments of alley-oop and dunk

Date: 10/2/2015 5:15:23 PM

"nba 2k16" how is alley-oop done? many players were not sure what the specific key is to alley-oop. "nicho" sharing "nba 2k16" oop dunk method of operation and explain, interested players look at it.


"nba2k16 “ simplify a lot for alley-oop, we had people, for example. harden had stalled on the outside.
howard knows what he wants to do, automatically cut inside. this time move harden, attract about defender.

harden makes a move
a key place to move away some harden defensive person, even the coin of the second y key (numeric keypad key 3), will be heard a high angle pass.

dwighthoward cut inside, harden lob
howard has a tacit understanding of the other side from the gap then dunk.

if the double control, you are inside, the ball relatively simple, because the initiative is the ball with the outside there, we just at the right time by shooting key x (keypad number keys 3) can be.


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