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NBA 2K22 Best Small Forward Build - OP 65 Badges Zion Williamson Build In 2K22

Date: 8/31/2021 3:03:50 PM

At this close to the 2K22 launch, we don't know enough about 2K22's MyPlayer builder, we don't even think we're getting a demo, but what we do know is that both current and next gen will share new unlockable animations every season. so they'll probably also share the MyPlayer builder, which will most likely be more like 2K21 next gen, but an updated version. if this is true, we still have a couple more builds to share with you! Mike Wang has gone on record saying the power forward build won't be the only good build with all the attribute points, so you should still be able to make this build or something very close to it on both current and next gen 2K22. in this guide, we're going to show you an elite small forward build. and we're going to go with Zion Williamson with this build, it also can be a LeBron James build.


NBA 2K22 Best Small Forward Build In Current Gen & Next Gen

1.Body Settings

    Height: 6'8"

    Weight: 230 lbs

    Wing Span: 7'1"

    Body Shape: Burly

2. Attributes


    Close shot: 25-25

    Driving layup: 25-92

    Driving dunk: 25-93

    Standing dunk: 25-8

    Post control: 25-26


    Mid-range shot: 25-90

    Three-point shot: 25-87

    Free throw: 25-28


    Pass accuracy: 25-92

    Ball handle: 25-78

    Speed with ball: 25-77


    Interior defense: 25-25

    Perimeter defense: 25-86

    Steal: 25-86

    Block: 25-90

    Offensive rebound: 25-89

    Defensive rebound: 25-93


    Speed: 25-81

    Acceleration: 25-78

    Strength: 25-90

    Vertical: 25-88

    Stamina: 25-94


    Primary - Finishing Moves

    Secondary - Extreme Clamps


We will go 6'8", 230lbs, 7'1" wingspan, burly. if you match our attributes, you will come away with 65 badges with some maxed out physicals. now let's fast forward to his potential and see what he would look like at 99 overall. 96 driving layup, 97 driving dunk, and an 89 standing duck. we also got a 94 mid range with a 91 3 point rating, so this is a big burly strong build that can shoot. here's where things get even crazier - a 96 pass accuracy, which means you'll be throwing lightning passes all over the court. with an 82 ball handle and an 81 speed with the ball, you'll be speed boosting and momentum dribbling with the best of them. all of his defensive abilities are in the 90s, so you can lock up on the perimeter and be a beast in the paint. he's a burly player with a 90 steel rating, so you're going to be clogging up the passing lanes as well. and if you hit 99 with the gym rat badge, his physicals are insane, you'll get a plus eight to your physicals, you come away with a 98 strength, a 96 vertical, and maxed out stamina. there is no man that can stand in front of this build. but just like all builds, you will have to put the work in. for 2K22, we can only imagine that 2K is going to expand on the new takeover system. let’s go with finishing moves and extreme clamps. when you're finished, you get one of the rare builds for the next gen, a Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way with the shape of Scottie Pippen, Michael Porter Jr, Jaylen Brown.


Next, we will show you some badges you can choose from, but if you're struggling to pick a good build to go into 2K22 with, this is a really good one. you can choose whatever badges you want to play your style of game. this is just a test against the AI, so the badges will normally vary. plus in 2K22, it's been announced that we're going to have badge loadouts, so you'll have a lot more fun in 2K22 picking and choosing what kind of loadout you want to start with. with a build like this, you can go a long way. since this build can pretty much do everything, you can come out with a primary offensive loadout, a primary defensive loadout, and even run point guard with this build with a primary play making loadout. by the way, we put him on the Knicks, because if you put him on the Pelicans, there'll be two Zions running around, that'll just be overkill.

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