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NBA 2K22 New Badges - All 5 NBA 2K22 New Badges Abilities Explained

Date: 8/31/2021 4:10:15 PM

A few days ago, we got some huge information on 2K22 about the seasons and much more. if 2K does it correctly, that could be a huge addition to the game. Another news is you can level up offline MyCareer 2K22, which won’t be an issue unless you're getting more level in let's say 30 minutes of playing MyCareer versus 30 minutes of playing park because you should get more level for playing real people, it's fine to let people level up in MyCareer because not everyone has people to play with or good people to play with, but just don't make it as good as playing against real people. 2K just dropped some wild information that if you look deeper into it could mean a lot. it was about the W for NBA 2K22, but it's talking about badge progressions. It's got a picture of a bunch of badges on the screen. as you can see, there are some new ones: Glue Hands, Hyperdrive, Quick Chain, Triple Threat Juke, and Post Playmaker. the glue hands badge is back, that's a 2K18 badge and such. at the top, this is what we noticed is going to be very important if they have this in the park - badge loadouts. there are three different badge loadouts, if they have that in the park, that will be crazy. you can have a loadout like a class setup for playing twos, threes, ProAm, or level grinding. you don't have to constantly change them when you do new things. if those badges, which they're probably going to be in the park game modes, that will be crazy. that's three or four new badges show. 

maxresdefault (1)


This is the most intriguing and mysterious badge. Because no one understands what this implies, it's very thrilling. First and foremost, the hyperdrive image depicts a UFO traveling at supersonic speeds. But what exactly does it do? Many individuals believe that hyperdrive is a quick-stop speed increase that makes your player faster. But isn't that what downhill already does? When you catch the ball and are in a quicker scenario, you will be faster downhill. But hyperdrive might be different; if you have the ball and go to a position or make a crossover, then move in another way, it could be like a very fast speed increase.

Glue Hands

It lowers the likelihood of an erroneous pass while increasing the ability to collect difficult passes and swiftly make the next move, which means you not only grab a pass but can also do something with it right away. A badge that requires you to do activities rapidly, or anything that requires you to perform actions quickly, is good. That's why a fast first step badge is fantastic, as are tight handles and stop-and-go badges.


Quick Chain

It's a badge for creating plays, and a fast chain may imply chaining things together. If you perform a crossover, for example, you may link the following crossover into a behind the back, and so on. Perhaps rapid chain is implying that performing a crossover to a curry slide, a behind the back, or a crossover is quicker the higher the badge advancement. In this game, having quick dribbles and having fast everything is essential. Your double movements must flow into each other rapidly.

Post Playmaker

It's another obvious badge, and it'll be like the takeover for post scores. When they grab a rebound and then pass out of the rebound, it's a dimer. This is most likely going to be the same thing. But it's a good thing they're earning badges for post scores more often now.

Triple Threat Juke

You're in a triple threat position to execute anything like a jab, and someone is going to bite on the jab eventually. Many badges forced individuals to accomplish things they didn't want to do previously. The triple threat juke will be similar to tie handles, except for post scoring.

Now that we go through all the new badges in NBA 2K22, let’s talk about the biggest concern in the community right now: is 2K going to drop rewards every single season that is worth grinding for? or are they giving us “their best rewards” in season one then it just gets worse each season? if they can constantly give us new rewards every season that's worth riding for, it can be a gigantic win. 2K put an incentive in the game to where people can play the game all year want to grind that is what we are receiving, but 2K can execute it wrong. just like the affiliations on next gen, people were asking for affiliations, we got them, but then there was a negative 50 percent less level penalty for playing in other affiliations. therefore, no one even played in the other ones, because they were trying to get level, you would never want to play somewhere else and get 50 percent less each time you play the game.


You might be wondering when the next news is for 2K22? well, a lot of you might have already seen this, but 2K posted on Twitter talking about when they're going to be posting their news, we've already got the seasons in WNBA. the next one will be on August 30th or later, which is gameplay in MyTeam, then the week of September 6, we will getting the city in MyCareer and MyNBA news. it says on the bottom though, dates are subject to change, just in case they do change it. but August 30th, gameplay, and MyTeam, that is going to be on 30th or the 31st unless 2K live because they said in their first courtside report that the gameplay trailer was going to drop in August, so it has to be the 30th or the 31st. so how all this will play out, we can only wait for the official announcement.

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