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NBA 2K22 Best Animations for Every Build (Current Gen & Next Gen): Dribble Moves, Dunks, Jumpshots & Layups

Date: 9/14/2021 2:39:49 PM

The NBA 2K22 gameplay and animations are almost the same on current-gen and next-gen consoles, so these are NBA 2K22 best animations for current gen and next gen equipped by YaboiFitz, covering best dribble moves, dunk packages, layup packages, shot creator, and jumpshot.

nba 2k22 best animations

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NBA 2K22 Best Animations for Every Build - Best Dribble Moves 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen

- Dribble Style: Shifty. Quick and Shifty are the two best ones depends on what you really want. Shifty is more suitable for people that really like to do combos and really go out of that and speed boost out of that.

- Signature Size-Up: Pro. A lot of these are very good, such as Kyrie, you can also choose to stay at Pro.

- Signature Combo: D. Lillard. With Damian, you just gonna dribble in place, that is another really good one if you really want to be able to dribble.

- Size-Up Escape Package: J. Wall. John was the best size-up escape package right now but they're probably gonna add a lot of players in the future. 

- Moving Crossover: M. Jordan. Michael Jordan had the best combo of being had the best crossover and between the legs.

- Moving Behind The Back: D. Lillard. The new pro 3 is Damian, they just put NBA names on a lot of the old packages.

- Moving Spin: N. Jokic. Basic pro 4 is also good for spin-backs too.

- Moving Hesitation: J. Wall

- Moving Stepback: K. Irving. Kyrie Irving moving stepback is the best in the game right now 

- Triple Threat Style: Normal 4. The best triple threat style in the game is normal 4, this is gonna have a lot of different escape dribble moves.

NBA 2K22 Best Animations for Every Build - Best Jumpshot 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen

When it comes to the jumpshots in the game, there are a lot of bases you can use, such as Ray Allen and Zach LaVine. Check out the NBA 2K22 best jumpshot for every build for both consoles. More easiest green NBA 2K22 jumpshots current gen & next gen can be found on  

Base: Jump Shot 38

Release 1: Dwyane Wade

Release 2: Dwyane Wade

Release Speed: 75%

Animation Blending: 100% Dwyane Wade/0% Dwyane Wade

NBA 2K22 Best Animations for Every Build - Best Dunk Packages & Layups 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen

The more packages you have the more likelihood of you getting a contact dunk.

- NBA Dunks (One Foot Moving Dunks)

Athletic One-Handers Off One

Quick Drops Off One

Baseline Reverses Off One

Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One

Windmills Off One

- Contact Dunks:

Elite Contact Dunks Off One (One Foot Moving Dunks)

Elite Contact Dunks Off Two (Two Foot Moving Dunks)

- Park Dunks (Two Foot Moving Dunks)

Flashy Off Two

360s Off Two

Under Leg Off Two

- Park Dunks (One Foot Moving Dunks):

Flashy Off One

Flashy Hangs Off One

Under Leg Off One

360s Off One

Jordan Southerland

- Regular Alley-Oops:

Elite Alley-Oop

- Park Alley-Oops:

Park Alley-Oop 360s

Park Alley-Oop Windmills

Jordan Kilganon Alley-Oop

Park Alley-Oop Flashy

Park Alley-Oop Under Leg

- Contact Alley-Oops: Elite Contact Alley-Oop

- Layups: Long Athlete. It is literally overpowered, you are barely missing this layup package

NBA 2K22 Best Animations for Every Build - Best Shot Creator Animations 2K22 Current & Next Gen

- Dribble Pull-Up: Trae Young

- Spin Jumper: Trae Young. Trae Young is the best of both worlds, it’s going to be really smooth, it does not have the versatility that Robinson has, but it’s very good for throwing people off.

- Hop Jumper: Pro. This is pretty much what normal 19 was, it has almost everything that you really want in one package as just kind of like a Stephen Curry type, where you behind your back, it has the double step back, the side steps, and the ones to be able to dribble with. It is a well-rounded hop jumper package. 

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