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NBA 2K22 Best Sharpshooter Build Current & Next Gen - 2 Way & Pure Sharpshooter 2K22

Date: 3/1/2022 5:44:59 PM

The sharpshooter in NBA 2K22 can range from point guard to shooting guard position, and dealy from downtown and mid-range, especially combing good badges. Now, we’ve found the NBA 2K22 best sharpshooter build for current-gen and next-gen, they are overpowered 2-way sharpshooter and pure sharpshooter in the game. 

2k22 sharpshooter build

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Best NBA 2K22 Sharpshooter Build Current Gen - 2 Way Sharpshooter 2K22

This NBA 2K22 two-way sharpshooter build for current-gen by Rickehz is a perimeter lockdown with better shooting. It has a lot of defensive and shooting badges. Starting with the position, you want to choose shooting guard, it doesn’t matter to pick left or right-handed. 

1. Skill Breakdown

Go with the pie chart with more shooting than defense, which is the second to last pie chart.

2. Physical Profile

Go with the first pie chart as you want to be quick on your build and you want to play on-ball defense. 

3. Potential Attributes

Looking at the attributes. Firstly, for finishing, you want to make your driving layup to 70, then max out your driving dunk, you want to make layups and dunks, when you get to the rim, you don’t want to miss. On this build, one finishing badge is enough, put on a slithery finisher, because you are a spot up and a defender, finishing does not really matter that much. For the shooting, max out your mid-range and 3pt shot, and put your free throw and post fade up until you get 25 shooting badges. The next is defense, max out your perimeter defense, lateral, steal, block, offensive, and defensive rebound, so you want to maximize all those and put a little bit on the interior, and you can get 21 defensive badges. Lastly, you want to use the rest of the attribute upgrades on playmaking. 

- Finishing: Close Shot - 53, Driving Layup - 70, Driving Dunk - 70, Standing Dunk - 26, Post Hook - 28

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 90, Three-Point Shot - 89, Free Throw - 91, Post Fade - 72

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 77, Ball Handle - 74, Post Control - 26

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 51, Perimeter Defense - 83, Lateral Quickness - 84, Steal - 89, Block - 58, Offensive Rebound - 65, Defense Rebound - 74

4. Body Settings

The body shape does not matter very much, you can pick whatever you want. For the height, it’s recommended to stay at 6’5”, and put the weight all the way down, you have a 90 speed, which is going to be a 94, this has a higher speed than a pure sharp. Then, max out the wingspan. 

- Height: 6’5”

- Weight: 175 lbs

- Wingspan: 86.0”

5. Takeover

It’s recommended to pick sharp takeover and you’ll have a two-way sharpshooter. 

6. Badges

- Finishing badges: Slithery Finisher (Bronze)

- Shooting badges: Catch & Shoot (HOF), Corner Specialist (HOF), Green Machine (HOF), Hot Zone Hunter (HOF), Limitless Spot-Up (HOF), Sniper (HOF), Clutch Shooter (Bronze)

- Playmaking badges: Handles for Days (Gold), Quick Chain (Gold), Quick First Step (Gold)

- Defensive badges: Clamps (Gold), Interceptor (Gold), Intimidator (Gold), Menace (Gold), Pick Dodger (Gold), Pick Pocket (Gold), Hustler (Bronze)

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Best NBA 2K22 Sharpshooter Build Next Gen - Pure Sharpshooter 2K22

This NBA 2K22 pure sharpshooter build for next-gen by Do It All Hall has a 99 three-point shot and 96 speed. It gives you almost everything you need, you can shoot, you can dunk, you can play defense, and you are very fast. Let’s go with the point guard, 1.84 meters for the height, 70 kilograms for the weight, and 1.83 meters for the wingspan. 

1. Body Settings

- Height: 1.84m

- Weight: 70 kg

- Wingspan: 1.83m

2. Potential Attributes

For the finishing on this build, take the close shot up to 66, it is very important, and get the driving layup to an 81, for the driving dunk, max it out. In order to get a 99 three-point shot, you have to be a certain height and you have to take your arm length down. For the shooting, get mid-range up to an 87 and get free throw up to a 71, we can get 36 shooting badges. Leave the speed with ball at 80 and get the ball handle to an 81 because we want a pure sharpshooter. There are a lot of caps on these builds when you're creating them. If you continue to increase the attribute, it may change the build name. Do not add any interior defense, but for the perimeter defense on this build, you can get it to a 77, then get steal up to 86, take the block to a 54.

- Finishing: Close Shot - 66, Driving Layup - 81, Driving Dunk - 81, Standing Dunk - 25, Post Control - 25

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 87, Three-Point Shot - 99, Free Throw - 71

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 77, Ball Handle - 81, Speed With Ball - 80

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 25, Perimeter Defense - 77, Steal - 86, Block - 54, Offensive Rebound - 25, Defensive Rebound - 25

- Physicals: Speed - 96, Acceleration - 89, Strength - 25, Vertical - 75, Stamina - 90

3. Takeover

- Primary takeover: Limitless Range

- Secondary takeover: Ankle Breaking Shots

4. Badges

Finally, we can get 21 finishing badges, 36 shooting badges, 24 playmaking badges, and 16 defensive badges. For the finishing badges, you can get a silver Posterizer, silver Fast Twitch, silver Slithery Finisher, silver Limitless Takeoff and probably bronze Grace Under Pressure. For the shooting badges, you can use Blinders, Rhythm Shooter, Catch & Shoot, Chef, and Circus Threes if you want to. For the playmaking badges, you can go with Ankle Breaker, Space Creator, Hyperdrive, Stop & Go, Tight Handles, and Needle Threader. For the defensive badges, you can go with a gold Pick Pocket, silver Clamps, gold Interceptor, bronze Intimidator, bronze Pogo Stick and whatever you want.

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