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NBA 2K23 Best King Replica Build - How To Unlock Replica Build Lebron James In 2K23

Date: 12/6/2022 7:15:01 PM

Are you struggling with making glitch replica builds in NBA 2K23 season 3? The first step in making the best NBA 2K23 replica builds is determining which build you want to create. If you want to create the Lebron James Replica build in NBA 2K23, watch this guide.


NBA 2K23 Season 3 Lebron James Replica Build Guide

The NBA 2K23 king replica build is finally here. All you need to do is memorize a couple of stats, such as their position, height, wingspan, Jersey number, etc. Then you go to NBA 2K23 MyCAREER and create the new build. Now, we are breaking down the settings, attributes, takeovers, and badges to unlock the 2K23 Lebron replica build on season 3 that everyone is waiting for.


Step 1 - NBA 2K23 Replica Build Settings

With the best NBA 2K23 replica build like this, it's going to be extremely difficult when you have somebody that's a 99 overall. You need to be in the small forward position, right hand, and number 23. But you want to go 6’8 for the height, 235 lbs for the weight and your wingspan drop down to 7’0.

 Height: 6’8"

 Weight: 235 lbs

 Wingspan: 7'0"

 Body Shape: Defied


Step 2 - NBA 2K23 Replica Build Attributes

What you're getting from this best King replica build on NBA 2K23 is 22 finishing badges, 18 shooting badges, 18 playmaking badges, and 10 defense/rebound badges. The big thing is that it's literally the king, that is the name of the building. What makes it really exciting is to be able to finally bring this replica build into the park.



Close shot: 25-80

Driving layup: 25-90

Driving dunk: 25-90

Standing dunk: 25-62

Post control: 25-79



Mid-range shot: 25-80

Three-point shot: 25-75

Free throw: 25-70



Pass accuracy: 25-77

Ball handle: 25-77

Speed with ball: 25-77



Interior defense: 25-70

Perimeter defense: 25-86

Steal: 25-59

Block: 25-44

Offensive rebound: 25-42

Defensive rebound: 25-59



Speed: 25-82

Acceleration: 25-75

Strength: 25-76

Vertical: 25-89

Stamina: 25-90


Step 3 - NBA 2K23 Replica Build Takeovers

This is a good combination because we have a build when you get taken, you have to go into the post real quick or you're running out of stamina, go on the post, hit them with a postman, run to the basket and get a contact dunk. But regardless, you're going to be sitting off pretty well because the finishing moves are really going to allow you to get really good standing dunks and contact dunks.

Primary: Advanced Post Moves

Secondary: Finishing Moves


Step 4 - NBA 2K23 Replica Build Badges


Tier 1 - Breakdown Punisher (Silver), Post Spin Technician (Silver), Rise Up (Silver)

Tier 2 - Fast Twitch (Silver), Fearless Finisher (Silver)

Tier 3 - Limitless Takeoff (Gold), Slithery (Silver)



Tier 1 - Amped (Gold), Middy Magician (Gold), Space Creator (HOF), Volume Shooter (Gold)

Tier 2 - Green Machine (Gold)

Tier 3 - Blinders (Silver)



Tier 1 - Ankle Breaker (Bronze), Hyperdrive (Silver)

Tier 2 - Bail Out (Bronze), Quick First Step (Silver), Vice Grip (Bronze)

Tier 3 - Handles For Days (Bronze), Unpluckable (Silver)



Tier 1 - Ankle Braces (Bronze), Menace (Menace), Pick Dodger (Gold), Work Horse (HOF)

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