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Is Strength Important in NBA 2K23 - NBA 2K23 Strength Attribute Explained

Date: 11/30/2022 12:16:32 PM

Does strength affect contact dunks in NBA 2K23? Is strength important for a guard? Today we are going to talk about NBA 2K23 strength attribute, with its effect and benefits, as well as how strength works and how many points to put on it in 2K23. 

2k23 strength

Is Strength Important in NBA 2K23 - NBA 2K23 Strength Attribute Explained

In order to determine the best strength rating for your build and play style, let’s take a look at what strength does to different things in 2K23. NBA 2K Tutes did some tests and got some conclusions. 

Blow by

Strength can increase your resistance on defending blowbys, and on the offensive side, it increases your chance of making blowbys. For defense, the higher the strength rating, the better the score. There is a rough estimation that one Clamps badge upgrade is equal to 20 points of strength. Then on offense, the lower the strength rating, the better score you can get. In terms of getting blow by’s, one Clamp Breaker badge upgrade is equal to 35 strength points. Strength does a lot of jobs, some badges are focused on that specific job. 


Strength also helps screens on both offense and defense, if you are a screener, you will have better animations, if you are the defender that will hit the screen, you will be tougher with this one. As a screener, you will have more chances of triggering violent screens as you increase your strength. For defenders, the lower the strength, the better score you get, in terms of screens strength helps the screener more.

Backing down

Strength will make you stronger on your backdowns as the ball handler, and it will give you more resistance as a defender. On the defensive side, a Shaq with 25 strength can be easily moved and the one with 99 really has good resistance, so in terms of backing down on offense and defense, it is really noticeable. 


Then in terms of getting a rebound on defense, strength helps you avoid getting warmed, in offense strength helps you to get more warm animations and with a 99 strength Shaq can easily get in front of Giannis and it's not going to happen if Shaq has 25 and vice versa if you're the one boxing out.

Post moves

In terms of post moves, the more strength you have, the more chances you getting these animations on drop steps on the offensive and on the defensive side, the more strength you have, the more resistance you have against those post moves.

Contact dunks

When it comes to contact dunks, there isn't much of a difference, there's a small gap in there but that's just too small for a 25 to 99 strength gap, maybe it helps you to get more contact dunks, but on a super small degree only or there's no boost at all.

Bully badge

For defending these animations that activate the Bully badge, strength gives you more resistance against these moves as a defender, and on the offensive side, the more strength you have, the more chances you get these animations, so the Bully badge and strength act together.

In summary, strength is more of a big man stat in NBA 2K23, as a guard, you can put some as well if you have spare points, the biggest benefits you have are blowby defense, which you can make up to it with perimeter defense and clamps. On screens, the boost from strength is not that much, and on dunks, it does not help much or even no help at all. Whether to put more points on strength is depending on what type of player you are and what you want to achieve on your build. So if you are a big man, strength is a necessary attribute, and max it as much as possible.

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