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NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves for 6'5-6'9 Builds - Season 4 Animations for 2K23 Next Gen

Date: 1/18/2023 11:59:44 AM

Season 4 has been running for around a week, considering the new shooting and dribbling animations added to the game, here we have some of the NBA 2K23 best dribble moves for 6'5-6'9 builds and worth a try for this season on next gen. 

nba 2k23 season 4 animations

NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves for 6'5-6'9 Builds - Season 4 Animations for 2K23 Next Gen 

What are the best animations for 6'9 and 6'5 builds in 2K23? Below are NBA 2K23 season 4 next-gen dribble moves and animations recommendations by Jay Mac TV, along with attribute and height requirements for each dribble sig. 

1. Dribble Style

- Ja Morant: for new dribble styles coming to 2K23 Season 4, they came out with the Ja Morant, it has an amazing misdirection speed boost, meaning going from your right hand to your opposite hand to your left hand to your opposite hand, but the same size speed boost is not that good, overall, you can try it out. Requirement: 75+ speed with ball and a height under 6’10”. 

- Michael Jordan: another dribble style that is more recommended is the Michael Jordan, this also requires 75+ speed with ball and a height under 6’10”. 

- Gabby Williams: this one is as good as Michael Jordan’s dribble package, and this only requires a height under 6’10”.

2. Signature Size-Up

- Michael Jordan: for signature size-up, the new one that came out was Michael Jordan, when he's doing the crossovers or behind the backs is not good at all, but between the legs actually fire you step back when you dribble in the ball. This one only needs a 70+ ball handle and height under 6’10”. 

- Zach LaVine: this is the fastest one because you get a fast behind the back, crossover, and between the legs, all of it is super fast. Requirement: 75+ ball handle and height under 6’10”.

3. Size-Up Escape Package

- Stephen Curry: the new size-up escape package for 2K23 Season 4, the drawback of it is that you need a 92 ball handle to get it, the curry slide is op and the best size-up escape package, it got a good proud animation. Requirement: 92+ ball handle and height under 6’10”. 

- Damian Lillard: the second option, if you have a 90 ball handle. Requirement: 90+ ball handle and height under 6’10”.

- Kevin Durant: if you do not have a high ball handle, the package you can consider is Kevin Durant. It is a good animation, you can left or right with it really easily. Requirement: 75+ ball handle. 

4. Moving Crossover

- LeBron James: we did not get any new moving crossover animations, but the first one recommended is LeBron James, you only need a 70 ball handle to do it, it has a good forward move and move crossover, and you can hop back out of it and get threes, or just hop back to get space and speed boost out of. Requirement: 70+ ball handle. 

5. Moving Behind The Back

- Pro: it's faster and you can move your player out of the animation way faster instead of being stuck in a long animation. Requirement: 75+ ball handle. 

- Damian Lillard: if you have a 90 ball handle and you ain't able to get the Damian Lillard Size-Up Escape Package, you can go with using the Damian Lillard moving behind the back, because this is the best one in the game. Requirement: 90+ ball handle.

6. Moving Spin

- Penny Hardaway: it's fun, you could do more fun things out of it, if you don't like Penny Hardaway, Basic is the one everybody is using. Requirement: 75+ ball handle.

7. Moving Hesitation

- Zach LaVine: for the moving hesitation, we got Larry Bird for the new season, but it's slow, Zach LaVine or Kevin Durant would be better. Requirement: 75+ ball handle.

8. Moving Stepback

- James Harden: it's similar to Luka Doncic, but you get a weirder angle when you come out of it and you can shoot right out of it, so it is way better and you get a better snatch back off of it. You can use the Luka Doncic, it's faster moving, and it moves a little bit more left to right when it does the step back instead of the James Harden is a little more vertical dribble. Requirement: 80+ ball handle and height under 6’10”.

9. Triple Threat Style

- Zach LaVine: it has the fastest moves out of it, the fastest steps, not long drawn out that, it's real quick jab steps, this is the best one to use. Requirement: None.

10. Hop Jumper

- Normal 2: it's the fastest one, you can dribble out of it, and it's easier to shoot out of this too. Requirement: None.

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