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NBA 2K23 Season 4 Best Dribble Moves & Combos - Fastest Dribble Moves For All Builds In 2K23

Date: 1/18/2023 5:14:50 PM

NBA 2K23 season 4 has added new dribble moves into the game. Which dribble moves are good that they've added? Which ones are not good that you're not going to want to use? So instead of wasting your time and trying out all the dribble moves that they added, today we’re going to show you the best NBA 2K23 season 4 dribble moves and combos for any build.


NBA 2K23 Season 4 Dribble Guide 2023 - Best Dribble Moves & Combos In 2K23 

In NBA 2K23, there are a lot of different cutoffs. If you're short, you cannot use dribble moves that a lot of the taller players can use, and vice versa. If you want to be the best dribbler possible, check our NBA 2K23 season 4 dribble tutorial. We talk about 2K23 season 4 best and fastest dribble moves and combos that get you open pretty much every single time.


NBA 2K23 Season 4 Best Dribble Moves

Dribble style

-Ja Morant

Requirements: Speed With Ball 75+ (77) x Height Under 6’10 (6’7)

This season they added the Ja Morant dribble style. For this, you need a speed of the ball above 75 and you have to be under 6’10. If you don't meet these requirements, you will not be able to use the dribble moves. This Ja Morant dribble style is actually pretty good. If you want to use it, you can.


Signature Size-Up

-Michael Jordan

Requirements: Ball Handle 70+ (87) x Height Under 6’10 (6’7)

This new MJ signature size up it's pretty slow. MJ was not known for dribbling.


-Derrick Rose

Requirements: Ball Handle 87+ (87) x Height Under 6’6 (6’7)

For this Derrick Rose signature size up, you got to be under 6’5. You can't put Derrick Rose in the taller builds. But this one is actually very good for short guards. If you played 2K22 a lot, you know about the left and right. Everybody uses the Derrick Rose signature size up in order to do that left-right quick crossover on 2K22 and it's exactly the same in 2K23. The only difference is we only have 3 stamina boost this year. So you run out of those every time you make a left-right movement. This is a very good signature size. You can use it if you want.


Size-Up Escape Package

-Stephen Curry

Requirements: Ball Handle 92+ (87) x Height Under 6’10 (6’7)

Stephen Curry size-up escape package is the curry slide. This is the animation that allows you to get crazy behind the back. This is such a W but the thing is you need a 92 plus ball handle. If you have a bunch of above 92 plus ball angle, we actually recommend you put this on. This is the NBA 2K23 season 4 best dribble moves. If you can get it, put it on. Because it just makes the game way more fun.


Moving Crossover

-Zion Williamson

Requirements: Ball Handle 70+ (87)

All you need is a 70 plus ball handle, so pretty much everybody can get it. It's actually pretty solid, the crossover's just a weird move. There are two main things we look at when it comes to a crossover. The first one is when you're running down the court and you just do a Zion Williamson and also James Harden crossover. They both have good running crossovers, Zion Williamson one it's pretty smooth, but it is too slow.


Moving Behind The Back

-Luka Doncic

Requirements: None

This might be the worst moving behind the back that you have ever seen. Why is that moving behind the back that slow? Who knows? Luka Doncic is going to be one of the greatest NBA players of all time but he's really not known for his dribbling and 2K really screwed him up with this behind the back. The move behind the back that everybody should be using is Zach Levine. It only needs a 75 plus ball and you just got to be under 6’10.


Moving Spin

-Kobe Bryant

Requirements: Ball Handle 70+ (87)

Since like 2K19, the best spin has been basic. You don't really have to do too much, it gives you that quick spin back all these other ones are just kind of crazy, kind of wild spins and make your player like lose control. But the basic spin is just a simple, smooth spin back that allows you to do exactly what you want with the spin.


Moving Hesitation

 -Larry Bird

Requirements: Ball Handle 70+ (87)

We got one Larry Bird dribble move for moving hesitation. He's doing a little hop in pretty much all the different animations and it's a kind of slow change of pace. It could be a glitchy dribble move in NBA 2K23 season 44.


Moving Stepback

For moving stepbacks, they actually added zero new moving stepbacks in season 4. But the best moving stepback is Luka Doncic. All you need is an 80 plus ball handle. If you can get it, put on Luka Doncic because this step back is easily the best in the game. It creates so much separation especially off a spin back. If you can Master the spin back into the Luka Doncic stepback, it's basically an automatic 3 every single time. If you can't, then just put on normal.


Dribble moves are basically the same for shorter builds and taller builds. The only thing we will say is the Stephen Curry size of escape, the new Curry slide. If you have a high ball handle and you can get it to put that on. If you want to try the D Rose size up, you can.


NBA 2K23 Season 4 Best Dribble Moves Combos

If you are on current gen, you want to find an elevator, go up to it, go to your MyCOURT, and practice dribbling. If you are on the next gen, go to the Gatorade training facility if you pull out the map, you can travel to the train station and then just walk up into the Gatorade gym. Then walk up and reserve a private court, once you're up there find the court that has your name on it. Go inside, press the left bumper to take out your ball and you can practice dribbling. Now, let's show you the best dribble moves combos.


James Harden Crossover

All you do is hold the sprint button and then you just flick up on the right stick. It does that very quick crossover. It's very explosive, you can spam it if you want. Basically, you'll do it and then you'll do like a little pullback move.

Pullback Move

All you got to do is hold the sprint button for it, but you don't have to, so it's up to you. Then right stick up, and the left stick down at the same exact time. If you can't get it, do the right stick, go straight up, and then the left stick goes diagonally down to the left. So the right stick will always go up and then the left stick will go down to the side you want to go to.


Comboing Up

The most effective thing that you can do this year is to dribble by being patient. You are comboing up, it doesn't matter what you remove you're doing, but you're dribbling in place. You're getting your defender curious or whatever you dribble over here. After like two seconds, just run right by him. Put on the quick drops off one foot dunk package, that is the best dunk package in the game. All you need is an 80 driving dunk and a 60 vertical. It's a mind game when you're comboing up, just randomly stopping, it just throws the defender off, and that little stop and go run out is just so quick this year. It works almost every time.


Walk Back

A lot of the best dribblers and a lot of the best guards in NBA 2K23 do that little walk back. So you're dribbling, you're dribbling, you're dribbling and you're going to make it seem like you're going in for a run. You walk back and get easy 3 every time. All you want to do is just walk diagonally backward with the left stick. When you're dribbling, you just stop let go of everything, and just diagonally walk backward with the left stick. You don't want to sprint, you don't want to press your right stick, you don't want to press any other button, and it's not straight down in the left stick.


Luka Doncic Stepback

Luka Doncic stepback creates the most space in the game. All you got to do is when you're running in a certain direction hold sprint and just flick down on the right stick. Off of the spin back, the Luka Doncic step back gets you a 3 pretty much every single time.


Curry Slide

Dribbling on shorter builds is a lot different. Basically, all you want to do is you just flick up left or up right with the right stick and this has to do with the Steve Francis sizeup. With Steve Francis doing the curry slide and then running out of it is pretty fire. To do the curry side all you need to do is hold the sprint button, so the right trigger or R2 if you are on PlayStation and the right stick just goes diagonally down in the direction you want to go. So bottom left with the right stick. If you want to go to the other side, bottom right with the right stick.

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