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Is Vertical Important in 2K23 - NBA 2K23 Vertical Attribute Explained

Date: 1/31/2023 4:48:52 PM

What does vertical do in NBA 2K23? And is it important for the current gen and next gen? Let’s take a look at the effect of the NBA 2K23 vertical attribute. 

NBA 2K23 Vertical Attribute Explained

Is Vertical Important in NBA 2K23? - What Does Vertical Do in 2K23

When a 99 vertical vs a 25 vertical, the meter for dunking is the same, this means the vertical does not change anything for the dunking aspect, the only way the green window changes from our 99 vertical to a low is based on your driving dunk, the higher you're driving dunk, the bigger the green window is. Vertical does not change your dunk meter, it does not make you jump higher, and it doesn't make you do anything better for dunking, all vertical is for jumping, for the blocks, for the rebounds, for the jump ball, it does not affect you from launching higher once you meet that threshold. Vertical has no effect on standstill jump shot contests. 

What is the best rating or value for 2K23 vertical? It depends on what matters to you. When it comes to contact dunks, 82 and 85 vertical are important, you need at least an 82. For elite contact dunks off two, you need a driving dunk of a 92, look at vertical, you need an 80 for this two-foot moving dunk. For the small contact dunks off two, you need an 85 vertical, 82 is the best because you get the best packages for elite right you also get the pro contact dunks off two. For elite contact dunks off one, you need a vertical of at least 82, so you can get all the best pros and elites. Your vertical has to be at 85 if you are one of those people that wants all the dunk packages, but 82 is probably the best for your vertical overall rating. 

Then let’s take a look at the importance of vertical on the block. If you did vertical at 25, 60, 80, and 99. At 25, you just don't really get any blocks and you also have a very low contest percentage, but once you get higher at 60, the contest percentage improves and you also start getting more blocks, once you're at that 75 and 80 range, you start to see much more block animations, finally at 99, everything just becomes better. So by the numbers, both the contest percentage and the block percentage will go up as your vertical climb up, even though your block and interior defense remain the same at 75. The recommended range is about 80 to 75 because, at that range, you're pretty much getting most of the benefits, 99 is absolutely overkill but really too hard to get to. Vertical helps you block better, but you still need a block rating. So you can get it up to 75 to 80 that range is worth it.

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