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NBA 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sims Challenges: Requirements, Rewards & Tips

Date: 1/31/2023 2:08:12 PM

Spotlight Sims are back to NBA 2K23 season 4! Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sim Challenges coming to NBA 2K23 MyTEAM in February. Are you excited about the new 2K23 Spotlight Sims rewards? This NBA 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sim update is definitely going to give people the hype to play MyTEAM. In this NBA 2K23 Spotlight Challenges guide, we talk about Galactic Conquerors' requirements, rewards and tips.


NBA 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sim Requirements

All you need to do is complete 5 challenges versus each franchise to earn 30 Diamond Captains. Then collect all Diamonds for a division to select a Pink Diamond version of a Captain. Complete each conference for a Galaxy Opal. At last, complete all NBA 2K23 Spotlight Sims Challenges for 98-rated Galaxy Opal Kevin Garnett.

NBA 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sim Rewards

The NBA 2K23 Spotlight Sim rewards are more than we listed below, in a total of 39 new free cards.

1. Challenges

Challenge 1 - Diamond Tobias Harris

Challenge 2 - Diamond OG Anunoby

Challenge 3 - Diamond Jason Kidd

Challenge 4 - Diamond Antoine Walker

Challenge 5 - Diamond Mitchell Robinson


2. Divisions

-Pink Diamond OG Anunoby

-Pink Diamond Dell Curry

-Pink Diamond Myles Turner


3. Conferences

Conference 1 - Galaxy Opal Kyrie Irving

Conference 2 - Galaxy Opal Andrew Wiggins


4. Completion Reward

-Galaxy Opal Kevin Garnett

NBA 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sim Challenges

Complete all NBA 2K23 Spotlight challenges will earn you a GO Kevin Garnet. So far we don't know what these challenges are going to be, they might be easy challenges or they might be difficult challenges. So how long is it going to take for one franchise, probably an hour? It really depends on how hard they do make the challenges. This could be a really hard grind but even if it is, it gives people something to grind for in MyTEAM. Because many people have been complaining that we got nothing to grind for in MyTEAM.

Are NBA 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sims Worth Grinding?

For a couple of reasons why 2K23 Galactic Conquerors Spotlight Sim Challenges are worth grinding. First things first you get 39 cards for a Card Collector. All of them are free, the pink Diamonds there are probably some solid ones. Maybe even the 6’8 Andrew Wiggins will get some updated things as a Galaxy Opal. If you are no money spent, some of these Diamonds are going to be solid like OG Anunoby, that Diamond card is going to play for nobody spent. If they give Kevin Garnett a release on quick, this is a grind that we’re going to do. As long as Kervin Garnet is the top 3 power forward in MyTEAM, we don't think you can complain. 

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