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NBA 2K23 Next & Current Gen Best Free Throw - Top 10 Biggest Green Window Free Throw Animations

Date: 5/10/2023 10:38:20 AM

Are you looking for smooth green light free throws that have the biggest green windows in NBA 2K23? Today, we will show you the best free throws in NBA 2K23 next and current gen. We've tested all these best NBA 2K23 free throws, and they all work so smoothly, they will get you the best greens whether you play Rec or 5v5 Pro Am. 


NBA 2K23 Best Free Throw Animations - Top 10 Biggest Green Window Free Throws In 2K23

Like in the actual NBA, making your free throws is crucial to victory and may help you level up quickly in NBA 2K23. Here are the biggest green window free throw animations to equip in NBA 2K23 MyCareer on Current Gen and Next Gen if you want to take care of business at the line, particularly if you have little or no qualities on your free throw rating. In NBA 2K23, make sure your free throws are at least over 80 because if your joint is under 80, it's going to be reckless for you. Now, let’s check the top 10 best NBA 2K23 next gen and current gen free throws!


Top 10 NBA 2K23 Best Free Throw

1. Ray Allen

Ray Allen is very smooth and very consistent.


2. Devin Booker

You can try Devin Booker it in the Rec, you’re going to 70 of hitting that.


3. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is still white like last year, you're going to get a lot of greens with it. Stephen Curry just got good animations all around the game. It's pretty smooth, it's pretty quick and has a good green window.


4. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant works for people that have big man builds that are over 6’9 and you can hit consistently with this.


5. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is another good free throw animation in NBA 2K23. A couple of people that were using it at the Rec were working with it, but this free throw was used for years and people probably were in a rec center and didn't have over at least 80 free throws. Make sure you put your free throw over 80 if you want to hit consistently. Because this year if your three-point and your mid-range got to be 85 to hit consistently, then you should put your free throw up to around 85 to hit consistently. You will know how fast and smooth this best 2K23 free throw is, that's probably the most perfect form that's on this game.


6. Hassan Whitesides

Hassan Whitesides's free throw is so smooth and easy to time. It's so fast too. This is the NBA 2K23 best free throw animation for people who can't time free throw. As he brings his arms up, you let it go. It's a quick release you don't have to take too long.


7. Lamelo Ball

Lamelo Ball works pretty well too. It's pretty quick and it's not too slow. Even though slow free throws are hard to time, the buckets are pretty good.


8. James Harden

He's a lefty and most of us have right-handed players, but it's still fine. The free throws were pretty quick and pretty smooth. It's up to you if you want to use it, just try it out.


9. Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard has a good free throw. In real-life basketball, Kawhi Leonard plays his free throws always look smooth. It's different, you could tell by its history though, but it's just always been smooth.


10. Steve Nash

Steve Nash always had a nice form and pretty decent speed. You're not going to worry about that one, that's the default.


How To Shoot Free Throws In NBA 2K23?

They changed the shot meter in NBA 2K23, so instead of having the line in the middle, you have to get it all the way up toward the green or close to the green. Once you do that, you will have a good release. Now as far as we're shooting free throws, you have to press and hold the square button and release on the move or hold the right stick straight down and then release. It's pretty simple, pretty straightforward, it's just like how it was last year but the shot meter has changed. So all you have to do is go all the way up and then release and you'll just have that green.


When it comes to NBA 2K23 is a lot easier to make your free throws, above are the top 10 NBA 2K23 best free throw animations we recommend to you! Need cheap NBA 2K23 MT, is going to be your first choice!

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