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Top 5 NBA 2K23 Best Cards For 25K, 50K & 100K - Best Budget Cards In 2K23 MyTEAM

In NBA 2K23's MyTeam mode, players can use best cards to build their team and compete against other players in online matches. The more valuable and rare the cards, the stronger the team can be. Today, we’re going over the top 5 best NBA 2K23 cards for 25K MT, 50K MT, and 100K MT.


NBA 2K23 Best Cards Under 100K - Top 5 Best Cards For 25K, 50K & 100K In 2K23 

In NBA 2K23, there are different types of cards that you can acquire in the game, such as player cards, pack cards, and reward cards. Here are a few ways to get cards in NBA 2K23: You can purchase packs of cards with in-game currency or real money. These packs contain a random assortment of cards, including players, coaches, and other items. You can use the Auction House to buy and sell cards with other players. This is a great way to acquire specific cards that you need for your collection or team. If you want to know the NBA 2K23 best cards under 100K, keep watching!

NBA 2K23 Best Cards Under 25K MT

1. Joe Ingles

The first best cheap NBA 2K23 card we do want to talk about is going to be one of the new Pink Diamonds from the Out of Position Set and that is going to be Pink Diamond Joe Ingles. He's just a very well-rounded 6’8 point guard and one of the new best budget cards in the game. With the 6’10 wingspan, has great all-around stats, 92 interior defense, 95 perimeters, 95 steals, and 84 blocks. Moreover, he's got great playmaking stats and great playmaking Hall of Fame badges. Take a look at his jump shot, super money with the Cole Anthony base and the Rudy Gay upper on very quick timing, and then he does have the Trae size up and the Chris Paul escape. So he is a great point guard for about 12000 NBA 2K23 MT maybe like 10 to 15K somewhere in that price range.

2. Ousmane Dieng

Another best NBA 2K23 budget card is the Pink Diamond Ousmane Dieng, another amazing tall point guard in the game. But instead of 6’8, he's actually going to be 6’10 at the one with a 7’2 wingspan, and the card's an elite defender with a 92 steal, 93 lateral quickness, 93 perimeters, and 93 interior defense. Then he also does have Hall of Fame anchor, clamps, glove madness and pick dodger. Besides the fact that he's 6’10, he's got great dribble sigs with the Trae escape and the Trae size up. His movement's elite, he's got a great jump shot, amazing dunk packages with quick drops off one, and the front clutches as well. 


3. Dino Radja

Dino Radja is another budget beast, maybe not the best power forward in the game anymore, but he's still such a good budget center and budget power forward in MyTEAM right now. He's 6’11 with a 7’11 wingspan, so almost an 8'0 wingspan for Dino. He does have very solid all-around stats, he's got the Donovan Mitchell base which is pretty nice on quick timing. He's got the Steve Francis size up so he moves pretty quickly. He's got great dunk packages, you rarely ever get blocked. Dino around 10000 MT is a top 5 card NBA 2K23 best card for under 25k.


4. Mohamed Bamba

Hero Mohamed Bamba is another big man that definitely deserves to be in this top five 2K23 best cheap cards list. is the hero Mo Bamba His Hero version goes around 20 to 25 000 MT, so a little bit on the more expensive side for the top five cards for 25k. But still, this man is an absolute beast at the center position with a 7’0 height and a 7’10 wingspan. An elite defender with 96 blocks, 95 interior defense, 90 steals, and 88 perimeters. He's also super quick with 92 speed, and 92 acceleration. He's also got a 92 three ball, he's got Hall of Fame catch and shoot, corner specialist, and limitless range which is great on the card. He has a pretty solid release.


5. Antawn Jamison

Galaxy Opal Antawn Jamison is the final best card NBA 2K23 for under 25k to round off the top five. He is the chicken man because of how good of a jump shot he had. But he's still a 6’8 shooting guard with a 7’4 wingspan, a great player model on the card, and just all-around great stats. He's got amazing Hall of Fame shooting badges, he's got a very good jump shot this year as well, he's got the Kyle Korver base with the Carmelo Anthony upper on very quick timing. Just the one thing we wish he had was a better size up, only having that on Pro.


NBA 2K23 Best Cards Under 50K MT

1. Kyle Kuzma

The first card we definitely want to talk about is going to be the Galaxy Opal Kyle Kuzma and you can actually get his Hero version for around 50k. He might be a little bit more, maybe a little bit less. He's a 6’9 power forward, small forward with a 7’0 wingspan. This Kuzma card is all-around a beast but mainly on the offensive end is one of the better offensive small forwards in the game. He's got a 97 three-ball, 94 mid-range, and 95 driving dunk and he's got tons of Hall of Fame shooting badges like agent three, amped, blinders, catch and shoot, claymore, corner specialist, dead eye, and limitless range. The best thing about this card easily has to be his jump shot. Such a good release, super fast, and very easy to time, and then he's also got those great dribble sigs with the Kyle Lowry size up and the Trae Young Escape. All around makes Kyle Kuzma one of the best cards for 50000 MT.


2. Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is going to be another great Pink Diamond. He's going to be 7’3 with a 7’4 wingspan and that's going to be the main thing about this card. The fact that he's 7’0 at the small forward position. He's got great all-around stats, a very decent jump shot, and great movement for a 7’0 card. The fact that he's got the Curry Escape means he can curry slide and he also does have the Trae size up. He moves like a very small guard and he moves super quick on the court for a card that is 7’0. So Jonathan Bender around 40000 MT is easily deserving of a top 5 best 2K23 MyTEAM card for under 50K.


3. Peter Gudmundsson

Now talking about a great big man for under 50000 MT, easily the best center for under 50000 MT is the Pink Diamond Peter Gudmundsson. He's not really budget because he's still about 40-45k. He's one of the best value centers in the game, he's 7’2 with a 7’10 wingspan. He can hang those taller centers in the game because he's 7’2. He's got a 90 block, 90 interior defense, he's got Hall of Fame anchor, boxout beast, brick wall, and post lockdown. One of the more underrated things about this card is actually his jump shot. His release is super quick and also very easy to green because it's Wang Zhi Zhi’s base and Wang Zhi Zhi’s upper. Peter is 100% a top-five card for under 50000 MT.


4. Alperen Sengun

Sengun is in this top five because he's going to be super valuable. There are so many tall point guards in the game and you have to have a card like Sangu somewhere in your lineup. Sengun makes super valuable at the point guard position because he's 6’10 with a 7’2 wingspan. For this exact spot, you can also go with Scottie Barnes who is still a very good point guard in the game. But Sengun is a bit better nowadays because of his size and his defense just able to guard the one through four. He does have some pretty good dribble sigs, he can create his own shot when he needs to. But mainly just going to be an insanely good defender and 6’10 at the point guard spot and then round off the top five cards for 50000 MT. 


5. Jonathan Isaac

Galaxy Opal Jonathan Isaac is going to be a very good defensive card. He only goes for nowadays about 30 to 35k. He's a super cheap small forward for how good he is on the defensive. He's 6’11 at the small forward spot with a 7’2 wingspan. He has amazing all-around defensive stats and has tons of Hall of Fame defensive badges. His jump shot is still pretty clean on very quick timing, he can green in the catch and shoot and does have some okay dribble sigs. So Jonathan Isaac belongs to the top five cards for 50000 MT.


NBA 2K23 Best Cards Under 100K MT

1. Hedo Turkoglu

The first top five NAB 2K23 best card for 100000 MT is 100% going to be this Hero Hedo Turkoglu. This man is an absolute beast at the point guard position. Hedo is debatably a top five point guard in the game, some people have him top three because he's 6’10 at the point guard position, 6’11 wingspan and he has such a good jump shot with the John Stockton base and the Trae Young upper on very quick timing is such a good release and very easy to green. He's also got the Kyle Lowry size up, he's got the Steph Curry Escape which is an insanely good movement for a 6’10 point guard. He's got solid all-around stats and he's got 25 Hall of Fame. He's pretty much like a dark matter point guard.


2. Andrei Kirilenko

The next guy we do want to talk about is it's just going to be a beast for under 100K and that is the Galaxy Opal AK-47. He goes for about 70 to 80000 MT and this card is still going to be an extremely good defender and great on both sides of the ball. He’s 6’9 at the small forward position with a 7’0 wingspan. His defensive stats with 97 blocks, 97 steals, 98 perimeters, and 94 interior defense and he's one of the better defenders in the game. Offensively, they also gave him the Trae sigs, he's got a great jump shot on very quick timing, and a super quick release that is very easy to green as well. He does have the Trae Young leaner which is super effective on next-gen and especially current-gen. So AK-47 easily going to be a top 5 best NBA2K23 card for 100000 MT.


3. Arvydas Sabonis

The next card we do want to talk about is going to be this Galaxy Opal Arvydas Sabonis. You can't exactly find the Hero one right now for 100K MT but you can get him for very close to that. The only difference is Galaxy Opal one has 10 less speed so he's going to be a little bit worse. So we definitely recommend paying the extra MT and going ahead and getting the Hero version because that 10-plus speed and 10-plus acceleration is going to make a massive difference. He's 7’5 at the five with a 7’6 wingspan. Just a super cheesy all-around center and he's got great pass accuracy and throws a lot of dots. He could play defense pretty well, he can knock down threes and even dribble when he needs to. He is easily a top five card for 100000 MT.


4. Ricky Davis

Galaxy Opal Ricky Davis is just going to be another type of AK card. He is probably arguably a top five shooting guard in MyTEAM right now. He's still 6’7 at the two with a 6’10 wingspan. He is all around and has great stats and badges. But the main thing about this card is easily his jump shot. Having the Seth Curry base, Oscar Robertson upper on very quick timing is such a good jump shot and very easy to green. Ricky Davis deserves to be in this top five.


5. Brook Lopez

Galaxy Opal Brook Lopez is a super underrated big in the game. He's such a good center in the game with his new jump shot and he's amazing on the defensive end. He is 7’1 and 7’5 with a wingspan. He's got amazing all-around defensive stats. He's super athletic, he can finish out the rim. He has 94 three balls, 95 mid-range, and has Hall of Fame catch and shoot, claymore, corner specialist, and limitless range. His jump shot is now the Nemanja Bjelica base which is the same as Dirk and then he also has the Brook Lopez upper on very quick timing is such an easy release to green. It's a super chick jump shot. He's got good strength and player model.

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