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How to Get More Free Tracy McGrady Takeover Packs in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

Date: 7/6/2023 5:24:56 PM

The Season 8 update brings lots of new content to NBA 2K23, there is a new limited-time event called Tracy McGrady Takeover will run for one week, in this article, we want to discuss the fastest ways to get more Tracy McGrady Takeover packs and Invincible T-Mac in 2K23 MyTEAM. 

NBA 2K23 Tracy McGrady Takeover Event

Starting on July 5, you are able to earn a Tracy McGrady Takeover Pack after every win in most game modes. You’ll have a chance to get a Tracy McGrady card or franchise cards related to the teams he’s played for. Want to pull a Dark Matter Invincible T-Mac card? You need to collect as many Tracy McGrady Takeover Packs as possible. 

How to get more free TMAC Takeover packs in 2K23 MyTEAM?

You can earn the Tracy McGrady Takeover Pack in most game modes, but you can’t do challenges and play with friends, because that would be very easy, for example, in the Mid-Range Scoring challenge, the win condition is to record 5 made shots with a player to complete the challenge and end the game. So for actual game modes, you can do Triple Threat offline, and Clutch Time offline, but in Triple Threat online, Clutch Time online co-op, Tracy McGrady doesn't look like he's gonna be there.  

What is the best game mode to get these TMAC Takeover packs? It is going to be the Triple Threat offline, which is the fastest game mode to do, and a good thing about these packs is that it does not have to be from one single game mode and does not have to be a certain agenda. After every single win, you’ll get a free takeover pack, the fastest way to rack up more packs is to grind the Triple Threat offline, if you have not even started playing the game mode, you can actually play Semi-Pro and Pro difficulty all the way up to about 40 wins, as these two difficulties are super easy to complete, you can also get some other packs, tokens, and NBA MT as the rewards. 

What rewards you can get from the Tracy McGrady Takeover Packs?

The pack will contain one of the following Tracy McGrady cards or related items, each pack might be different. Except for the player cards, you can also get some other items including jerseys, uniforms, playbook stuff, and more, such as a Rockets jersey (Rockets Classic Home ‘03-’15).

85 OVR Sapphire Tracy McGrady (All-Time Toronto Raptors)

91 OVR Amethyst Tracy McGrady (Season 3 Ice)

92 OVR Diamond Tracy McGrady (All-Time Houston Rockets)

94 OVR Diamond Tracy McGrady (Season 3 Ice)

95 OVR Pink Diamond Tracy McGrady (All-Time Orlando Magic)

96 OVR Pink Diamond Tracy McGrady (Season 3 Ice)

98 OVR Galaxy Opal Tracy McGrady (Season 6 Out of Position 2)

99 OVR Dark Matter Tracy McGrady (Season 5 Radiant)

99 OVR Dark Matter Tracy McGrady (Season 6 Invincible)

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