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NBA 2K22 Best Dark Matters - Most Overpowered Dark Matter Cards In 2K22 MyTEAM

Date: 3/18/2022 3:13:03 PM

There are lots of new Dark Matters arrived in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM along with the new Season 6: Power Within. Today we are going over the best Dark Matters in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, so you can better see which Dark Matter card is the best for you.


NBA 2K22 Best Dark Matters - Most Overpowered Dark Matter Cards In 2K22 MyTEAM

In NBA 2K22, Dark Matters are necessary materials for players, but it is extremely difficult to obtain them.  You can either get Dark Matter by winning Triple Threat or grind all the way to Season level 40 reward. The fastest of these methods is playing Spotlight Challenges. However, getting a Dark Matter from Triple Threat is all depends on your luck. In fact, it's OK to play more Triple Threats to earn NBA 2K22 MT and open a treasure house. MT can buy some of the 2K22 best Dark Matter cards. There are also cheap Dark Matters, but not much good to use.  Now, let's overview the top 6 NBA 2K22 best Dark Matters in MyTEAM.

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Top 6 Best Dark Matters

1. Ray Allen - 99 - SG/SF - 6’5 - 6’8

99 rated Ray Allen is crazy, one of the best Dark Matters to get in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. Because he has got the Ray Allen jumper on quick timing, he’s got the shifty dribble style and the long athlete layup package. He is a 6’5 player who has 99 three-ball,  96 speed, 96 acceleration, 95 driving layups, 93 perimeter defense and 95 lateral quickness. Most importantly, he has 22 hall of fame badges including Blinders (HOF), Chef (HOF), Quick First Step (HOF), Clamps (HOF), Menace (HOF), Downhill (HOF), etc. Again, he’s got the Ray Allen jumper. He is the best NBA 2K22 Dark Matter worth getting, and a free Dark Matter card that anybody can get.

 ray allen

2. Luka Doncic - 99 - PG/SG - 6’7 - 6’8

Everybody is talking about how crazy Dark Matter Luka Doncic is in the 250k tournaments. He essentially has the most unguardable jumper in the entire game. Obviously, all 3 Luka cards have slight differences, Dark Matter Luka Doncic has 2 extra hall of fame badges. Luka has his jumper on very quick, the shifty dribble style, the long athlete layup packages and he still has pretty good Luka Doncic dribbling moves. The reason why is the best of the best NBA 2K22 Dark Matter is that he has 95 three-ball, 95 speed, 95 acceleration, 95 stamina, 97 driving layup, 92 perimeter defense, 84 interior defense, 94 lateral quickness, and 95 speed with the ball. 

luka doncic

3. Kobe Bryant - 99 - SG/SF - 6’6 - 6’11

Dark matter Kobe Bryant is one of the better guards and shooting guards in NBA 2K22. He is 6’6 and he does have a 6’11 wingspan. Both his shooting, defense, and playmaking are going to be great, because of his 96 three-ball, 97 acceleration, 95 speed with ball, 97 perimeter defense, and 95 lateral quickness. He’s got Blinders (HOF), Catch And Shoot (HOF), Chef (Gold), Downhill (Gold), Clamps (HOF), Intimidator (HOF), without any hall of fame playmaking badges, but he is still great with 96 speed. The only downside of this card is the normal jumper timing. Kobe has one of the best dribble styles and the fast meta jumper which makes him the best NBA 2K22 Dark Matter card right now.


4. Klay Thompson - 99 - SG/SF - 6’6 - 6’9

Klay Thompson is another good card in MyTEAM. He is 6’6 and 6’9 wingspan. For attributes, he has 98 three-ball, 93 speed, 93 acceleration, 87 interior defense, 98 perimeter defense, 98 lateral quickness, 95 ball handle, and 91 speed with ball. He has Blinders (HOF), Catch and Shoot (HOF), Chef (HOF), Handles For Days (HOF), Clamsp (HOF), and more key badges. The only thing that’s tough is that his diamond holds the hall of fame Quick First Step, but this Dark Matter Klay only has gold. Anyway, he still has good tendencies, Klay Thompson jumper on quick, shifty dribble style, D. Wade combo, and T.Young behind the back.

 klay thompson

5. Kawhi Leonard - 99 - SF/SG - 6’7 - 7’3

Kawhi Leonard arguably is the NBA 2K22 best Dark Matter who has the best defense in the entire game. He still has the Ray Allen jumper on quick, his Kawhi Leonard dribble style definitely isn’t good, but he still has a good behind the back. He’s got 99 interception, 99 on-ball steal, 99 contest shot, and 99 block-shot tenancy with 5 foul, 5 hard foul, and 11 take charge. He has some of the best shooting badges and best finishing badges on the hall of fame, as well as Downhill, Quick First Step, and still has that Kawhi defense.


6. Karl Malone - 99 - C/PF - 6’9 - 7’0

Karl Malone is a juiced Dark Matter card. He is 6’9 and 7’0 wingspan. He has the Karl Malone jumper on quick, and the quick dribble style which is always going to be good. He’s got 91 three ball, 93 speed, 93 acceleration, 95 standing dunk, 98 driving dunk, 97 interior defense, 90 lateral quickness, 97 block, 92 steal, and 91 speed with ball. As for badges, he has Downhill (HOF), Quick First Step (HOF), Clamps (HOF), Interceptor (HOF), Intimidator (HOF), and more. Karl Malone is the best Dark Matter NBA 2K22 when it comes to power forwards.


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