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NBA 2K22 Best Mascots - Top 5 Best Mascots For All Builds & How To Unlock Them In 2K22

Date: 6/1/2022 10:35:25 AM

Season 7 dropped, and NBA mascots are available in NBA 2K22. Did you grind your whole life away to get virtual mascots in NBA 2K22? Did you get madly excited to hit level 40 just to be rewarded with these mascots? What are the best NBA 2K22 season 7 mascots?  Today, we are going to tell you the NBA 2K22 best mascots for all positions, and the best mascot glitch.


NBA 2K22 Best Mascots - Top 5 Best Mascots For All Builds & How To Unlock Them

Season 7's NBA Mascots may be unlocked by completing specific challenges. Reaching level 30 in Season 7 on the next-generation version or level 40 on current generation version unlocks NBA Mascot. We're obviously going to pick the mascots that give us the best strategic advantage, in order to make us taller and make us bigger. In this guide, we bring you the top 5 best NBA 2K22 mascots you can use. Along with 2 mascots, that are fun to use, the best guard mascot, the best height mascot is for a guard in general, and then the best center mascot.  


5 Best NBA 2K22 Mascots

1. NBA 2K22 Best Mascot For Centers

The rockets mascot is one of the best mascots for a center. It gives you a bigger body so that you can play defense. It makes you taller and it's just it looked good. It’s either the rockets or the wizards that are the best two center mascots. The magic mascot is another good center mascot but it's just not as tall as the other two. The heat mascot just got a long head, it's really not good for cinder guards. But it is fun to play with.


2. NBA 2K22 Best Mascot For Guards

Trail blazers mascot has been the best guard mascot for years. People that got mascots before in the previous 2ks know that this is the best guard mascot, hands down the trail blazers mascot is the best guard mascot. Because it is really not even a mascot, it's really a player with just a bobblehead. Mavericks mascots and nuggets mascots are other mascots that are good on guard. For everybody else that got mascots in every other 2k again, the spurs mascot is the best guard mascot for height in general for any build, not just guards, locks, centers could use this mascot too.


3. NBA 2K22 Best Glitchy Mascot

The pistons mascot is glitchy too. This doesn't fall under any category. 


4. NBA 2K22 Best Good Looking & Fun Mascot

Last but not the least, hornets mascot looks good and is fun to use. The ultimate best-looking mascot in the game, it came back this year, it wasn't in 2K21, and it wasn't in 2K20. The last time we saw this mascot was 2K19. The 76ers mascot is the best-looking mascot in the game. 


5. NBA 2K22 Most Popular Mascot

The whole community loves bulls mascot. This is the number one mascot and 2k fan-favorite mascot in the NBA 2K22.


NBA 2K22 Mascots Glitch

Thanks to Colbion, we have the insane glitch that allows us to unlock mascots at any level. If you want mascots or you instantly want to become a level 40, click the link, it will take you to a discord link where you would join. Once you get in the discord, you want to go down and click where it says “Thunder-Files". It will then take you to a website and once you get on the website, you will see 3 options available for NBA 2K22. There’s a combo package that comes with built-in zen and a part tool. With a thunder park tool, you have access to every single piece of clothing, every shoe, and anything in the game. You literally don’t need VC unless you go on the stage. You can change your overall, you can change your level, you can change your build name and. Most importantly, you also get access to jetpacks and mascots for free. But the tool will not be free!


This year the mascots looked the best, 2k did their thing on the mascots to look real tall the mascots. If you are tired of grinding for NBA 2K22 MT, will always be the safest store online!




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