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How To Get Free Invincibles In NBA 2K22 MyTEAM - 7 Tips To Build Invincible Squad In 2K22

Date: 6/20/2022 11:43:17 AM

Let's be honest, everybody in NBA 2K22 wants to have a team that is full of Invincibles and every single spot on their team has the best cards. What if we can tell you that you can make a full Invincible team without spending a dime on NBA 2K22. Without further ado, let’s check the best way to get free Invincibles in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM.


How To Get Free Invincibles In NBA 2K22 MyTEAM?

The biggest thing we hear every single year in MyTEAM is that MyTEAM is pay to win. That is not the case! Every single year in MyTEAM, there are tons of ways to actually be really successful as a no money spent player. There are tons of free cards that you can get every single year and there are tons of free challenges you could do. If you are fast, you're efficient and you are very smart with what you do, you can be successful as a no money spent player. And this is going to be a guide walking you to the best ways to make NBA 2K22 MT and the best ways to build up your entire collection, to be able to build yourselves this Invincible god squad.


7 Ways To Get NBA 2K22 Invincibles

First things first, the main thing we do want to talk about is obviously the packs that do come out.


1. Do Challenges

Challenges are really important in MyTEAM. They're 110% worth doing. Go to the skill challenges, you have a free Fearless pack, Swish pack, Swish 2, Swish 3, Swish 4, Gamma pack, Unfazed pack, and Galactic pack. These are all free packs that are going to give you a chance at a free player. However, you're going to pull a dark matter from these packs because the odds are pretty bad, especially for packs. But it is still worth doing for sure. Pickup challenges on the weekends, these actually do feature the promo pack that does come out. Throughout the past weekend that was the gamma packs, you actually could get two free game packs on Saturday and on Sunday. Do you pick up the challenge, this pack could or most likely will potentially be whatever the new promo is.


2. Get Hall of Fame Badges

The biggest tip for people who can't make a lot of MT to buy the players and be able to badge them up. A lot of people what they try to do is they see somebody that'll drop like Kevin Durant and they say well KD's awesome, they want to be able to badge out KD and want to get that 80 hall of fame badge KD to be able to sell KD to get like 3 million MT. You've got to be able to work your way up and this is the best way to go ahead and do that. So spending or getting hall of fame badges is super easy this year, with how the frequency that they've been giving them out. 

Domination has given out a ton of them, especially the most recent domination, you literally get a thing of hall of fame badges after every single one that you get to choose from. Definitely worth what we're doing for that hall of fame badges. Every time you hit level 39, you do get a hall of fame badge. When you get the spotlight challenges are completed, and you get another hall of fame badge. The signature challenge gives you a hall of fame badge. There's a limited which every weekend unlimited, you have a chance of getting a hall of fame badge. There are just tons of ways to get it.


3. Invest Cards

Why people overthink this is because they always go for those top-tier cards. But you got to understand something, guys like Bol Bol, though he is a good amount of MT maybe people still think that is a little much. There are guys like Thon Maker who are literally a buy now literally within the first 48 hours of that promo dropping. These are the guys you want to badge up, these are the guys you want to pay attention to. If you have been stockpiling up, waiting for that opportunity, these are the guys that are going to blow up in price. They're going to sell for a million. They're going to sell for 1.1, 1.2 and that is how you are going to be able to start building up that MT selection or the MT pile and be able to buy yourself some Invincibles without having to spend a dime on NBA 2K22 and that is just one tip.


4. Buy And Sell Players

Knowing when to buy and sell players is huge. On the pack market, hero cards are available in these packs, always tank in value on Tuesdays. This is a great time to look to scoop up some of these cards. Their price really isn't going to be dropping too much. Now is a prime example where you can pick some of these guys up. If you have 300k and you're looking to capitalize on something, look to invest and flip some cards for some good profit. 

Depending on how you do it, guys like Stephen Curry and Dwayne Wade, they're going to drop in value because again they are in these packs, and then give it two days afterward maybe on Thursday. That's when they're going to jump back up and look to sell them throughout the day. Then again Thursday night is the worst time to sell cards that bid, so definitely avoid doing that. But as far as these hero cards go, these cards are really good to look to flip, especially the buy now ones.


5. Sniping

A lot of people don't really like sniping, because sniping really is rng at the end of the day. But there is really good value in sniping, especially in some of these budget filters. Now the Timberwolves filter is looking actually a little rough as of right now, Timberwolves cards were selling for around 4 000 MT, so this budget filter is kind of scrap at the moment. Maybe the price is going back up but they're looking pretty cheap right now, you could still do it. They're looking at around 2500 MT. Doing something like this 500, 1500, and looking to snipe Timberwolves’ players, you'll probably get them a lot more efficient and everything like that than you would. 

Another really good one is just doing the galaxy opal cheapest filter. The same thing with the again dark matter filter. But galaxy opals are really cheap right now in MyTEAM and this is actually a good filter that you can look to go ahead and flip some cards. This will be a good way for you to pick up cheap galaxy opals and you never know what you can get out of these two by the way. People throw up cards for 500 all the time and especially like galaxy opals, people do giveaways and stuff when new promos come out. So even today with the Swish promo, you never know like you could actually end up landing yourself a galaxy opal for 500 MT. There are a lot of budget filters that you could take advantage of.


6. Grind Unlimited

There are ways to obviously you can boost on Unlimited. You literally could just run a gold team match-up with a friend and repeatedly work your way through. Get yourself all the unlimited boxes which is another way to get hall of fame badges, get yourself a showdown box, doing that is really good as well. Because you actually will be able to again get more houses to flip or to put on cards to flip them, but also you're going to be getting polls and stuff like that out of these boxes. You will be able to sell for a ton of MT as well.


7.  Grind Triple Threat Online

We do actually see an event every single weekend, there are free dark matters and free opals get put on the boards. Make sure you grind those out. Get those free dark matters, sell them on the auction house, build up your MT and get yourself these cards that you really do want.



The number one thing we would recommend doing though is taking advantage of the challenges that do drop and then again looking to flip, not necessarily budget but actually, at this point in NBA 2K22, 100k and below is a budget card. Take advantage of those cards, flip them, and really maximize the MT out of that situation as much as you can.


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