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Official NBA 2K23 Release Date Leaked & New Playstyle Badges

Date: 6/21/2022 10:47:25 AM

2K Sports did not announced the release date of NBA 2K23, however, there is a leak indicates when 2K23 is coming out. When it comes to the new system in the new game, some playstyle badges are expected to see in 2K23. 


Official NBA 2K23 Release Date Leaked - When Does 2K23 Come Out


NBA 2K23 is scheduled to be released on Friday, September 9, 2022.

According to PAC Hoops, NBA 2K23 is going to drop on September 16, 2022, this was leaked by a twitter revealed by @LxckTV, he also leaked information about other games. Even though there is only a fuzzy graph, it looks like a board meetings and legitimate. Some games are scheduled on even 2023 to 2025 releases, they may change over time, but as the time of writing, September 16 is when we should be expecting NBA 2K23 come out. So, we are around three months away from its official release, and we have lots of things need to be announced. Overall, this release date makes the most sense, it will give the 2K22 Season 9 a full season length before the name game. 

New NBA 2K23 Playstyle Badges

Playstyle badges are a dynamic badge system that dependent on the way players like to play the game. Playstyle badges will be calculated by the user’s play style, they are different from skill badges, a playstyle badge could be earned or lost and it will reflect the user’s performance at a particular time. Players can decide whether the playstyle badges would affect your MyPLAYER build, this kind of badges can also be displayed on your MyPLAYER banner and player card. Below is the list of recommended new playstyle badges for the NBA 2K23 badge system, this is not a necessary thing but would make a lot of sense. To earn each badge, you need to complete certain things, for example, consistently getting contact dunks, you’ll have the chance to get the Dunk Machine badge. 

Expected New Playstyle Badges for NBA 2K23 (Positive and Negative):

Dish The Rock Badge

Dunk Machine Badge

High IQ Badge

IsoGawd Badge

Snag King Badge

Splash Badge

Sweat Badge

Tenacious D Badge

Triple Double Machine Badge

Walking Bucket Badge

Air Ball Badge

Ballhog Badge

Brick Badge

Buddy Baller Badge

Cone Badge

Limited Brain Badge

Paint Clogger Badge

Rage Quitter Badge

Sell Badge

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