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NBA 2K23 Release Date | How To Play NBA 2K23 Early On PS4, PS5, Xbox?

Date: 7/6/2022 3:24:39 PM

Greatness is calling in and answering the call in NBA 2K23. Are you excited about the upcoming NBA 2K23? Once the NBA 2K23 releases, there are going to be people already on the game, instead you are going to be installing the game. Today we are going to show you how to play NBA 2K23 early for PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


Playing NBA 2K23 Early For All Platform

NBA 2K23 will be released worldwide on September 9, 2022. Preorders begin July 7. When we say play NBA 2K23 early, this doesn't mean you're going to be able to play that this two weeks early. The truth is New Zealand gets the game before everybody else. So there are 24 hours for New Zealand to play 2K23 early than America and England. So we are going to show you how to play NBA2K23 one day early if you're on PlayStation and Xbox. It's simple to play NBA 2K23 early for Xbox because all you have to do is change all settings. On the other hand, PlayStation is a lot tougher. 


How To Play NBA 2K23 Early On PS5

First things first, you have to make a New Zealand account and you have to pre-order NBA 2K23 on that New Zealand account. Don’t do this before pre-ordering. To make the New Zealand account, you'll be able to play it on your main account. What you're going to do is add a user to this PS5, and create a new New Zealand account. It's going to ask you about your country and you are going to choose New Zealand. You are going to change the language as well. Then you have to make an email address as well as a password. Once you do that, it’s going to ask you for the zip code. All you have to do is look up a New Zealand zip code, just put 1148. 

The reason why can't you just switch the main account to New Zealand is it won't work. Because of the way PlayStation has it set up the account that you're using is locked to the country. So even if you move to a different country, your PlayStation store will be locked to that country. Therefore, you have to make a whole entire New Zealand account. Once you make your New Zealand account you want to pre-order NBA 2K23 on that account, you don't want to pre-order it on your main account. If you pre-order NBA 2K23 on your main account, you won't able to play 2K23 early. 


How To Play NBA 2K23 Early On PS4

Paying attention to this, you need to have two accounts on your PS4. One is your American Account, then you want to make sure you make a New Zealand account. It has to be a brand new New Zealand account, make sure the location is in New Zealand, make sure the zip code is in New Zealand, and make sure the time zone is in New Zealand. Even at the top of the screen, you can switch it to where New Zealand. Just to be safe about it, make sure the time zone is also in New Zealand. On that New Zealand account, what you do is you come log into your New Zealand account, and you pre-order NBA 2K23 early on that account. Once the game comes out early in New Zealand, you can play that first day in New Zealand. Once it comes out in America, all you have to do is make sure you have console sharing on your game, and you can play it early in America.


How to play NBA 2K23 on your main account once it officially comes out?

In America, simply all you do is get on that New Zealand account, you go to users and accounts. You go to another. If you're on PS5, you go to console sharing and offline play. Make sure it's don’t disable on the PS5. Every single account on this profile is able to play NBA 2K23. You just won't be able to play NBA 2K23 on your main account until it comes out in America. That's essentially all you have to do in order to play NBA 2K23 early on PlayStation.


How To Play NBA 2K23 Early On Xbox One and Xbox Series?

First things first, if you are already pre-ordered the game, go to my game and apps. You need to go to the full library, and head over to the all-owned games. Scroll down and go whatever you want to choose whether NBA 2K23 Xbox series or NBA 2K23 Xbox one. Then press A and install. Then on the day September 8, go to the profile and system. Go to the settings, you want to go all the way down to languages and location in system. Switch your location to New Zealand. Then all you have to do is restart your Xbox console after changing your language or location.


That's everything you need to know about playing NBA 2K23 early! Looking for legit NBA 2K23 MT? will be always the most reliable MT store!

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