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NBA 2K23 Current Gen Update: Goat Boat Release Date, Layout, Matchmaking, Quest & More

Date: 9/3/2022 3:46:23 PM

2K revealed the information and news for NBA 2K23 current gen park. G.O.A.T Boat is the name of the new cruise ship for NBA 2K23 PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Now, we are checking out all the new features that they just dropped for the NBA 2K23 Current Gen Goat Boat update.


NBA 2K23 Goat Boat Current Gen Update News

The NBA 2K23 Goat Boat is finally here. The neighborhood set sail again an NBA 2K23 on current gen, but this time aboard the Goat Boat. Basically, the Goat Boat is equipped with more courts and it has new quests this year. Moreover, they made a lot of improvements to implementing no-wait gameplay options and more. The most exciting NBA 2K23 current gen news is that match-making is coming to the 2K23 where you can go and get park games after park games.


NBA 2K23 Current Gen Goat Boat Release Date

The NBA 2K23 Current Gen G.O.A.T Boat is going to release on September 9 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


NBA 2K23 G.O.A.T Boat Current Gen Layouts

Platinum Decks: Trips

6 3v3 Courts

4 Elevators

2 “Showers” (Server Refresh)

Gatorade Training Facility


Platinum Deck: Deuces

6 2v2 Courts

3 Elevators

2 Showers


Platinum Deck: MOAT

2 5v5 Courts (One more than last year)

2 Elevators

2 Showers

Entrance to Excursions


Silver Deck: Promenade

Jordan Challenge

The REC Lounge

The Cages

NBA Store, Swag’s, Rowe’s Sporting Goods, Wheels, Doc’s, The Paint Tattoo, Partnered Stores


The Galleon 1v1

Brigde 3v3

Daily Pick’Em

Daily Prize

2 Elevators


Gold Deck



The game room and promenade have merged to a single level this year. Making it easier than ever to visit swags and the NBA store. Before heading to the galleon for some 1v1 or bridge for 3v3. In addition, we've added showers that allow you to quickly change servers elevators have been updated to include fast travel between key points of interest and can also be used to access offshore events. 


NBA 2K23 Current Gen Goat Boat Matchmaking

The gaming room and promenade have consolidated to a single level this year. Making it simpler than ever to visit swags and the NBA shop. Before going to the galleon for some 1v1 or bridge for 3v3. In addition, we've included showers that let you swiftly change servers elevators have been upgraded to provide fast movement between significant sites of interest and can also be utilized to access offshore events. 


NBA 2K23 Goat Boat Seasons

The year before, 2K led fans on a journey across the globe, showcasing a beautiful court and a plethora of goodies wherever they went. In the NBA 2K23 G.O.A.T. Boat update, we'll be transporting players to a variety of exotic places around the globe's oceans and seas, including some fan-favorite spots from last year as well as some brand new spots. Every season, there will be one brand-new shore trip and one brand-new on-deck event to enjoy. Every season, the Goat Boat courts (2v2, 3x3, and 5v5) will get a facelift to reflect the current mood and welcome the next.

NBA 2K23 Current Gen Quests

In NBA 2K23, you may once again complete quests. There were plenty of missions available on the Cancha Del Mar that allowed players to discover the ship and its many NPCs. This year's iteration of Goat Boat will be quite identical to last year's, with a few minor changes.


How to do quests in NBA 2K23 Current Gen?

Quests will be given to you once you speak to non-player characters. In addition to the regular daily, weekly, and seasonal quests, NBA 2K23 will also include a whole new kind of quest called rival quests. It's as simple as going head-to-head with the Al in a preexisting narrative. These show off some of the game's most important non-playable characters. This year's narrative has antagonistic non-player characters and genuine conversation.


Above is everything they added in the Goat Boat NBA 2K23. What do you think if this NBA 2K23 G.O.A.T Boat Current gen is an l or w? Get cheap NBA 2K23 MT to start your game, welcome to

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