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NBA 2K22 Best Playbook - Best Current Gen & Next Gen Playbooks In 2K22 MyTEAM

Date: 9/2/2022 4:02:52 PM

What are the best playbooks in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM? Since playbooks are the key to pulling off your best-laid basketball strategies, we are going to talk about the best NBA 2K22 current gen and next gen playbook that works online too. We hope this NBA 2K22 playbook guide gets you lots of wins, lots of dunks, brings back the slashing to the game and gets you some wide-open threes. 


NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen Playbooks Best Playbook - Best MyTEAM Playbook To Run In 2K22 

First, we are going to show you the NBA 2K22 best playbook MyTEAM that you can use in current gen. Cavaliers Bronze playbook goes for only 250 MyTeam Points in the auction house. It's the cheapest one you can buy but it's the best 2K22 current gen playbook you can get. So it's slasher friendly. You can get to the rim very easily and get heaps of dunks. Then you can get kick outs to the three-point line from there. It does have a few three-point plays in there as well. The second one is an updated version best playbook for NBA 2K22 next gen MyTEAM. And it's going to be the Bucks playbook. You can go pick that one up at the auction house which was around about 3000 mt, but it's going to be worth it.


NBA 2K22 Current Gen Best Playbook - Cavaliers Playbook

1. Starter Plays: Punch 13 Box Rip

2. Starter Plays: Quick 43 Give Loop

3. Starter Plays: Quick 3 Fist 15 Horns

4. Bench Plays: Fist 14 Hawk Rip

5. Bench Plays: Cut Loop 42 Dive

6. Bench Plays: Fist 51 hawk

Run six plays in total and three on the starters alongside pass and screen away. Then the other three with the bench team along with the past and screen away as well. There are more plays in the playbook that you can use and you can muck around with them as you please. Punch 13 box rip is the first one. You should run that in the point guard spot because it's the quickest one to choose on next gen and it allows you to create space to get all the way to the rim for a drive straight off the bat. Quick 43 give loop is a three-point play basically with a loop screen. Quick 3 fist 15 horns which is a get to the basket and then kick out for a three if the rim runs not on. For the bench team, fist 14 hawk rip same deal must be in the first place because it creates space for the drive. Cut loop 42 dive and that one's a three-point play again. Fist 51 hawk which is a rim running plus a three-point shot as well and again pass the screen away.


NBA 2K22 Best Playbook Current Gen Tips

Punch 13 Box Rip

Here's the reason why you want to have in the very first slot you want to rim run with your point guard. So your outlet and then basically you want to create this big space up the left side of the court or whichever side of the court that you are on. The only person who can get in your way is your power forward. If they're the ones that pass you the ball off the rebound or on the inbound, then they don't get in your way and you beat them up the court. You basically create that space up the side of the court and just rim run all the way. everyone clears out to the right side and leaves you this big wide open gap.


Quick 43 Give Loop

This one's designed for whoever's bringing the ball down the court to get a wide-open three with a misdirection. In this play, there are not many options for it and it can become predictable. This play works at a very high hit rate offline. 


Quick 3 Fist 15 Horns

For our last play for the starters is quick 3 fist 15 horns. This one works better against a set defense. So it's another rim run play with a three-point kick-out option if the rim run disappears. 


Fist 14 Hawk Rip

This is another rim-running attack on the fast break. So get your rebound, kick it out to you whichever guards around call fist 14 hawk rip. Basically, you're creating space up that side of the court that you're on and just rim running and everyone's going to clear out and get out of your way. This one also works against the set defense, you've got to be patient a little bit with it. Everyone still clears out the way, so you can rim run and dunk.


Cut Loop 42 Dive

This one's basically a cross-screen, similar to some of the other players where you're getting the three-point shot on the opposite side of the court. You can assign this one to whoever you want, but otherwise, it just runs through your shooting guard. 


Fist 51 Hawk

This one's another rim runner play, so you drive down the right side or left whichever. Then you get a double screen from the inside creating the space for a nice dunk. 


NBA 2K22 Next Gen Best Playbook - Bucks Playbook

1. Starter Plays: Fist 71 Angle

2. Starter Plays: Quick Iverson

3. Starter Plays: Quick_Iverson_Double

4. Bench Plays: Punch_Iverson_23

5. Bench Plays: Punch_Iverson_RIP

6. Bench Plays: Iso 12 Flare

Fist 71 angle has to be in that first top slot because it's a quick play to get to the rim and get a dunk, get the center off in the corner there for the three. So make sure you put that one in that first slot. Play quick iverson, shooting guard comes over the top of a double screen there for a three-pointer in the corner. That's pretty much the only thing you would do off that play. Quick iverson double is very similar, except it goes to the power forward first, and then the shooting guard curls. So you can get the shooting out or the point guard open for a three pointer there. Then for the bench, punch iverson 23. Make sure this is in the top slot because again it's a slash to the hole. It doesn't really make sense by looking at the player there, so you'll have to wait for the demo on that one. Punch iverson rip is similar to the quick iverson play that was in the starters. Then iso 12 flare is for a little screen from the point guard to the shooting guard for a nice wide-open three. So stick them ones on.


NBA 2K22 Best Playbook Next Gen Tips

Fist 71 Angle

You got to put this play at the top spot so that you can call it straight away as you're running up the court. It's designed to get you a nice wide-open dunk at the rim on the same side of the court as you call the place. If someone sets the screen so that creates a nice big open space up the left side of the court for you to get all the way to the rim. So you want to call this place straight away after an inbound or a rebound and kick out to the outlet, because basically if you beat everyone down the court, no one gets in your way and everyone clears out to the right side of the court if you're on the left. Vice versa if you are on the right, they all clear out to the left. That play works all the time online because everyone sits off the ball in the center. So it works really good off in the online situation.


Quick Iverson

This one is designed for the shooting guard to get open for a three-pointer running off a double screen. The other thing that can happen quickly is if that shot is not open, then your center will come up and set us on a ball screen on that point guard. So then you can attack the rim and either get your dunk or you get a nice mismatch there and you can mash your way into the paint and get a nice easy big.


Quick Iverson Double

This one's designed for a three point to go off from the point guard or whoever your ball carrier is. It's basically designed for the same as quick iverson. The same cut for the point guard but it starts with a pass to your power forward first.


Punch Iverson 23

This one's designed to get all the way to the rim again for a nice easy dunk. For that matter, it must be in the top spot as well. So you can call play nice and quick. This one works opposite to the other. In that when you call it, you've got to attack the opposite side of the court and that's where all the open side is. So dunk or a pass is an easy shot so whilst the play works best in a fast break situation, it also works in the half-court setting.


Punch Iverson Rip

This is much the same as a quick iverson rip from the starter's playbook. This one's designed for small forward to run across the top of the key there. Use the double screen and get open for a three on the opposite side of the court.


Iso 12 Flare

This one could be the best, to be honest. You can get all the way to the room with the point guard or you get open for a three off misdirection.

Pick the NBA2K22 best playbooks up on the auction house. If you need to buy 2K MT, is always a nice choice.

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