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NBA 2K23 Egg Hunt Event Guide 2023 - Rewards, Easter Eggs & Best Way To Hunt In 2K23

Date: 4/8/2023 3:01:36 PM

Happy Easter event weekend! The Egg Hunt event is coming to NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Season 6 to celebrate the Easter event. NBA 2K23 Egg Hunt is a Limited time event. The 2K23 Easter event is basically just last year's event except for cards or packs are now unactionable. In this NBA 2K23 Easter event guide 2023, we talk about the rewards, Easter eggs, and how to hunt them in MyTEAM.


NBA 2K23 Easter Event Guide 2023 - Rewards, Easter Eggs & Tips In 2K23 Egg Hunt Event

Earn Egg Hunt Packs and Egg Event Exchange cards when you win a game in different game MyTEAM modes including playing Unlimited, Limited, Draft, all Triple Threat, and Clutch Time. Pull players from Egg Hunt Packs and exchanged Egg Event Exchanged cards for a reward. Egg Hunt Packs are available until 11: 59 PM PT on 4/9 and exchanged Egg is available until 11:59 PM PT on 4/10. Now, we’re going to show you how to get Golden Event Eggs and get the rewards in the NBA 2K23 Easter Egg Hunt event.

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NBA 2K23 Easter Event Rewards 2023

In NBA 2K23 Easter Egg Hunt event, all you need to do is earn an Egg Event card for the exchange and Egg Hunt Packs by Modes! 5 normal eggs can be exchanged for 1 Golden Egg. Depending on the requirements, golden eggs can be exchanged for juiced rewards such as Galaxy Opal, Hall of Fame badge, Super Sonic packs, etc. To be noted, we have an unauctionable Galaxy Opal player. Last year when we had this and it was auctionable. For the last exchange reward, you need one Golden Egg Event card to give you an Egg Event Exchange. As we mentioned, you need to have 5 eggs for a Golden Egg, a Golden Egg can redeem the following rewards except the Super Sonic pack needs 2.

1. Galaxy Opal Player Card

2. Limitless Takeoff (HOF)

3. Pogo Stick (HOF)

4. Pack (HOF)

5. 50 Tokens

6. Golden Eggs

7. Super-Sonic Pack

8. Shoe Colorway

9. 10 Token

10. Deluxe ‘23 NBA: Series 2 Pack

11. Player Card

12. Egg Card


What are The Best NBA 2K23 Egg Hunt Rewards?

Somebody pulled Magic Johnson from the Galaxy Opal pack, so that's probably maybe you should prioritize this Galaxy Opal pack. But at the same time, maybe you want to get the Super Sonic actionable pack and help you pull something crazy right. Here's the deal if you get a random Galaxy Opal, maybe you'll pull a Yao Ming, that's obviously wishful thinking but you never know, maybe he's not even in these. If you’re a person who will never spend money on packs, here's the best time to get these for free by just playing the game. Stack them up, and you get free rewards for it and these are gone until April 11. You can get the 10 tokens because there's nothing in the Token Market. However, the things you want to really focus on are the Golden Eggs, the Super Sonic pack, and maybe even this Deluxe Series 2 pack because you're going to make some NBA 2K23 MT off that. Then even a Player Pack's not bad because you're going to get probably about 950 - 1000 MT from that.


How To Hunt NBA 2K23 Easter Eggs?

The best way to get eggs now in NBA 2K23 Egg Hunt Event is going to be Triple Threat offline or Triple Threat online. That's probably going to be your best two ways just because if you play Unlimited, you're going to get a lot of eggs. If you look at the Vaults, three out of the five are eggs. But it's going to take you a while to get through Unlimited games, it takes you about 30 minutes. The best thing you can do is play whatever game mode you want to play. Co-op might be another great way because you get the eggs or Steve Smith. If you are good at Co-op, just play that.

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