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NBA 2K23 Best Galaxy Opal Cards - Galaxy Opal Tier List in 2K23 MyTEAM

Date: 4/14/2023 5:50:00 PM

What are the best Galaxy Opal players in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM? Here we’ll present a 2K23 Galaxy Opal tier list ranking the best cards in the S tier and going all the way down to the D tier. 

NBA 2K23 Best Galaxy Opal Cards - Galaxy Opal Tier List in 2K23 MyTEAM

Based on the current stats, below is a Galaxy Opal tier list by Evan Tanaka in 2K23, and the S-tier would be the top five best galaxy opal players in the game. 

S Tier: 97 OVR Ming Yao, 98 OVR Pervis Ellison, 98 OVR Ricky Davis, 98 OVR Danny Ferry, 98 OVR Glen Rice

- The first S-tier card is gonna be Yao Ming, he is the best Galaxy Opal card in the game and maybe the best card in the game. 

- Ricky Davis is an absolute monster in the shooting guard spot and one of the most fun cards to be used in the game, he got a great release and a really good player model. 

- Danny Ferry is a very good small forward with a great jump shot and dribble sigs. 

A Tier: 98 OVR Mike Bantom, 98 OVR Billy Knight, 98 OVR Ben Simmons, 97 OVR Alperen Sengun, 97 OVR Magic Johnson, 97 OVR Jonathan Isaac, 97 OVR Scottie Pippen, 98 OVR Eddie Jones, 98 OVR Kevin Garnett, 97 OVR Vince Carter, 98 OVR Pete Maravich

- Mike Bantom, is easily an A-tier GO card with a great jump shot and all-around stats.

- Ben Simmons is also an A-tier card, he is six foot eleven and plays well at the point guard position, he has a really good defense. 

- Billy Knight is similar to Mike Bantom, they both have really good jump shots and similar dribble animations, they are super nice playing next to each other. 

- Scottie Pippen is very versatile to play small forward and shooting guard well, and his defense is excellent.   

- Magic Johnson, a six-foot-nine point guard on the same level as Ben Simmons. 

- Jonathan Isaac, is one of the better small forwards in the game at that Galaxy Opal tier. He is six foot eleven with a seven foot two wingspan, he is still one of the best defenders in 2K23 with a 98 block, 95 steal, 95 perimeter defense, and 95 interior defense, he pretty much got every single defensive badges on Hall of Fame, the jump shot is good as well. 

- Eddie Jones is probably better than Vince Carter at the shooting guard position. 

- Kevin Garnett, another really solid power forward still has a good jump shot and is going to play very good defense. 

- Vince Carter should be in the same tier as Scottie Pippen, even though they have completely different play styles, Scottie Pippen is more of a defender and Vince is better on offense. 

B Tier: 98 OVR Evan Mobley, 98 OVR Detlef Schrempf, 97 OVR Jianlian Yi, 98 OVR Nikola Jokic, 98 OVR Ben Wallace, 98 OVR Rudy Gay, 98 OVR Josh Giddey, 97 OVR Ray Allen, 98 OVR Gordon Hayward, 98 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo

- Evan Mobley is a high B-tier card, he is a really good defender and power forward, and also offers lots of value on the court. 

- Detlef Schrempf is definitely a high B tier, a good small forward with good dribble animations, but there are lots of better SF players. 

- The Galaxy Opal Nikola Jokic is probably in the B tier category, he's still a really good power forward, 6’11” with a 7’3” wingspan, he has a pretty solid jump shot on quick timing and does have lots of capable dribble sigs. But his defense could be better. 

- Ben Wallace is probably underrated at the power forward position, they actually gave him some good dribble moves, and he is actually in B tier. Defensively, he is even a little bit better than Jokic, but Jokic gets a good release and is the better offensive card. 

C Tier: 97 OVR Sam Dekker, 98 OVR Bennedict Mathurin, 97 OVR Bob Netolicky, 97 OVR Dirk Nowitzki, 98 OVR Draymond Green, 98 OVR Gary Payton, 98 OVR Paolo Banchero

- Sam Dekker, is gonna be the highest C tier, probably the lower B tier, not a bad small forward, it is a lot better than you would expect the card to be. 

- Dirk Nowitzki is also in the C tier, he is worse than Jokic and Ben Wallace at the power forward position, and should be in the same tier as Bob Netolicky. 

- Bob Netolicky is a little bit undersized but does have a good defense. 

- Draymond Green is not bad, but there are tons of good point guards in MyTEAM.

D Tier: 98 OVR Jerry West, 98 OVR Muggsy Bogues

- Jerry West: this is going to be D-tier, his defense is not terrible, but there are so many good Galaxy Opals in MyTEAM. 

- Muggsy Bogues is going to be in the D tier as well. 

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