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NBA 2K23 Out Of Position 2 New Cards | Best Out of Position Players in 2K23

Date: 4/21/2023 3:38:49 PM

In NBA 2K23 Season 6, a batch of new cards is going to be added to MyTEAM this Friday, we’ll go over each of these NBA 2K23 Out of Position players and rank some of the best Out of Position cards. 

NBA 2K23 Out Of Position 2 New Cards

There is a total of 16 new cards released for Part 2 of the Out of Position event, including Dark Matter, Galaxy Opal, and Pink Diamond players. 

DM Nikola Jokic - PG/C - 99 OVR

DM Ron Artest - PG/SG - 99 OVR 

DM Kevin Garnett - SG/SF - 99 OVR 

DM Hero Nikola Jokic - PG/C - 99 OVR

GO Hero Hedo Turkoglu - PG/SF - 98 OVR

Hedo Turkoglu - PG/SF - 98 OVR

Zydrunas Ilgauskas - SF/SG - 98 OVR

Andre Iguodala - PG/SG - 98 OVR

Antawn Jamison - PF/SF - 98 OVR

Tracy Mcgrady - C/PF - 98 OVR

PD Hero Robert Williams - SF/PF - 96 OVR

Robert Williams - SF/PF - 96

Ousmane Dieng - PG/SG - 96

Allen Iverson - PG/SG - 96 OVR

Joe Ingles - PG/SG - 96 OVR

Elgin Baylor - C/PG - 96 OVR

Best Out of Position Players in NBA 2K23 - Which Out of Position Card is Worth Buying/Getting

Starting with the Out of Position Pink Diamonds, let’s go over each and get an idea of which one is the best to choose, avoid wasting any of your NBA MT points.  

- Joe Ingles, if they don’t change his release, this card is not gonna be good. 

- Robert Williams is kind of that undersized big, he could play small forward and is going to be really solid defensively.

- Elgin Baylor, a six foot five point guard, similarly, if they don’t change his sig, this is not gonna be good. 

- Allen Iverson is going to be absolute garbage. 

- Ousmane Dieng is gonna be incredible, he is solid at 6’10” at the point guard position, he's gonna be cheap and should be one of the best budget cards in the entire game, you don't even need to go get Jokic, just go get Ousmane Dieng as long as the stats badges are good enough and he can compete at the highest level.

- Hedo Turkoglu, when it comes to Galaxy Opal, the first one is the Hero Hedo Turkoglu, another 6’10 point guard, what release are they gonna give him means how good are they gonna make him. 

- Tracy Mcgrady, a center and power forward, this card is going to be incredible, you can run that Galaxy Opal with Tracy Mcgrady and run your offense room, you're gonna have to build height around him and just match up stuff like that, but if you want a cheap Tracy Mcgrady, there's your option.

- Andre Iguodala, is gonna be good with decent defense at the point guard position. This should be like an MJ-type card. 

- Antawn Jamison, if he gets Brook Lopez base, you might be looking at one of the best shooting guards in the entire game.

- Zydrunas Ilgauskas, this is going to be a big man coming on April 21, this card is going to be way better than that released last year. He’s got shooting guard eligibility, his ball handle is going to be better as well.

- Kevin Garnett, all Dark Matters are going to be pretty pricey, this card is going to be good in MyTEAM, as he’s got a good release and he is probably gonna get that on very quick dribble animations, he has already got the MJ dribble style, maybe updated size up. KG is going to be absolutely elite.

- Ron Artest is going to be incredible at the point guard position, especially defensively with these tendencies, he's gonna have the Markelle Fultz base probably on quick which is gonna be smooth.

- Nikola Jokic, it’s gonna be a Dark Matter Out of Position, especially the Hero one, he better have the base on quick. 

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