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NBA 2K22 Best Cards - Top 10 Overpowered Player Cards in 2K22 MyTEAM

Date: 10/12/2021 2:47:19 PM

When it comes to the best lineup in NBA 2K22, it’s necessary to pick up brilliant players at each position. The top-tier players do not mean the highest price, you may have a chance to buy them at a budget price or win them for free. Now let’s get into the top 10 NBA 2K22 best MyTEAM cards for different positions. 

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NBA 2K22 Best Cards - Top 10 Overpowered Player Cards in 2K22 MyTEAM  

If you are looking for the best player in NBA 2K22, thanks to TyDeBo, here is the ranking of the top 10 NBA 2K22 cards in MyTEAM, make the best investment to save your MT coins

TOP 10 - Glenn Robinson - SF/PF - 95

We have Glenn Robinson at number 10, you can compare it with Danny Granger, when you fully badge up Danny Granger just with the badges, it can be better. You gotta lock in for Danny Granger and then to go along with that, upgrade badges and at that point is Danny Granger even that much better than Glenn, stat-wise he's not better than Glenn, the big thing is though badges and height, those are the main two things. Granger is six-nine compared to Glenn Robinson's six-seven, it's really close. 

TOP 9 - Derrick Rose - PG/SG - 93

At number 9 MyTEAM cards, we choose Diamond Derrick Rose as far as a point guard. It's just that simple six three height and six-eight wingspan, decent hot spots from around the arc, 95 speed, the problem with Derrick Rose is his defense. It's a fact you upgrade his three-ball, you give him a shoe plus four three-ball plus three or four lateral quickness, you can make them a little bit better, but still, defensively, Derrick Rose is not gonna be good. He's the best offensive point guard in the game. His release attacking the rim is fantastic and he has a Hall of Game Quick First Step.

TOP 8 - Larry Bird - PF/SF - 94

If you have him, he's pretty good. When comparing him to Kawhi Leonard, you're not gonna be able to handle the ball with him much, he's not super fast, but Larry Bird's a way better shooter than Kawhi, that's really what it is Hall of Fame Bullet Passer as well, you got to upgrade his badge, but playmaking gonna be better than kawhi, you give him clamps, interceptor and those types of badges you're gonna make him quite a bit better. The big thing is that all of his badges are upgradeable, so not only does he have nine gold badges and five on the hall of fame, you can make it up to 39 gold badges. He's solid but he's not a top-five player.

TOP 7 - Kobe Bryant - SG/SF - 93

The number seven player on the list is Diamond Kobe Bryant, six-six height and six eleven wingspan. He has 88 speed, 86 lateral quickness, 83 three-ball, he can handle the ball all around, a solid card. It's just not necessarily the smoothest, it’s not the same this year maybe it's because he doesn't have sniper, maybe because of the issue with his shooting badges. He should be knocked down especially with an 83 ball, if you want to put Kobe up in your top five, you can definitely make that argument.

TOP 6 - Dikembe Mutombo - C - 92

The number six is Diamond Dikembe Mutombo, seven foot two and seven six wingspan, hot spots from three out of five place around the arc, four HOF, 18 on gold, 5 on silver, 5 on bronze. He's not that fast, but if you give him this coach 69, you give him a shoe 73, he's going to be just fine, you upgrade the badges, he does give you the threat of a pick and pop big as well. As being incredible in the defensive end of the court, the big thing is having that speed coach and speed shoe for the Mutombo to take it to that next level.

TOP 5 - LeBron James - SF/PF - 92

The next one is the top five best cards in NBA 2K22, LeBron James, six nine and seven-foot wingspan. For LeBron James to be as good as you want him to be, you need to upgrade his badges to at least get upper 20s low 30s gold badges, that's just what has to happen. You give him Monty Williams, you give him a plus three speed, a plus three or four lateral quickness, you're looking at an on ball defender with 99 speed, upper 80s lateral quickness at six foot nine. With his player build, he is going to beat people up, combine that with his good release on next-gen, decently easy to green release on cringe and he's the top lock in the game, he sometimes can shoot corner threes on current-gen.

TOP 4 - Vince Carter - SF/SG - 95

The fourth is another shooting guard, six-six and six-nine wingspan, small forward or shooting guard. Compared to Kobe, he's a little bit faster, have a little bit better of a three-ball. Here's the thing you giving Monty, you're already looking at a 92 3 ball, 94 speed, which is just absolutely ridiculous, also boosts the perimeter defense and ball handle, so you don't have to worry about that either.

TOP 3 - Anthony Davis - PF/C - 95

Anthony Davis has six-ten height and seven two wingspan, hot spots from three to five place around the arc. He's gonna be able to shoot the ball, gonna be able to defend on the perimeter pretty well on the flip side, the problem only is an 80 rebound, another problem the fact that he cannot get a rebound chaser. With that being said, no rebound chaser, he still has box on silver, still has warm on silver and an 86 vertical, he's kind of getting overhyped.

TOP 2 - Isiah Thomas - PG/SG - 94

Then coming to the second best MyTEAM card is the point guard Diamond Isiah Thomas, six one and six four wingspan. He comes with HOF badges, 29 on golden as well as an 82 base 3 ball, 87 with Monty Williams, combine this, 99 speed, 92 lateral quickness, that's immaculate, nobody's going to want to be guarded by Isiah Thomas at all. Combine the three ball with his defensive ability and driving dunk, just the John Stockton of last year is what Isiah Thomas can do. Jump shot 14 isn't necessarily the quickest release, but it is super easy to time and pretty easy to green.

TOP 1 - Carmelo Anthony - SF/PF - 96

Lastly, coming at the top one player card, Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony is worth the position. Six eight and seven four wingspan, he's the most complete card in the game, you upgrade every badge in the game as well as a playing badge, you're looking at a card with seven hall of fame badges and 27 on gold, he’s gonna have a 98 three ball, a 95 speed, you upgrade the lateral quickness, you give him a defensive shoe, he is the best player in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. 

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