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NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week 2 Challenges Guide: Requirements, Rewards, Tips & Should You Complete Them

Date: 11/3/2022 10:43:24 AM

Today, we're talking about the new Moment of the Week that did get released in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM. No new Moments players in MyTEAM, it looks like no Kelvin Johnson. Should you complete them? We will focus on the new NBA 2K23 Month of the Week 2 challenge win conditions, rewards, and tips.


NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week 2 Challenges MyTEAM Guide

If you get all these Moments agendas, then you get a rare franchise mode. So there are plenty of different ways in which you can get trophies. But as far as a new Moments player, it's not what this is. NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Moments challenges added to MyTEAM and if you do complete all of them you get a Hall of Fame badge. We're going to be breaking down all 10 of NBA 2K23 Moment of the Week 2 challenges and talking about if it's worth it for you.


Freaky Double-Double

Win Conditions: Record a double-double and make 1 three-pointer any Giannis Antekokounmpo.

Rewards: 15 tokens

Tips: Just get the amethyst Giannis or if you have free agent Giannis. Double double making one three-pointer should be easy enough to do, just get 10 assists, 10 points, and make a three-pointer. This should take you about five minutes to do for 15 tokens. Even if you are no money spent and you have Giannis, honestly, this challenge we don't mind this at all. It's really really easy.


Brook Lopez Blocks

Win Conditions: Record 6 blocks with any Brook Lopez

Rewards: Historic pennant exchange

Tips: Six blocks is kind of crazy with a Brook Lopez card. He's seven feet tall but six blocks with the 78 block rating is a little bit crazy.


41 Point Triple-Double

Win Conditions: Record 41 points, 14 assists, and 11 rebounds with any Luka Doncic.

Rewards: Unstoppable unauctionable award pack x 5

Tips: You're probably going to use the Amethyst version of Luka. That's not an easy challenge either. It's easy but it's going to take you a while. 11 rebounds with Luka that's going to take you a little bit. You have to really focus on getting some offensive rebounds with Luka. But you do get a free Unstoppable pack, it's unactionable so that limits its value. Unstoppable players Joel and Dwyane Wade, are the main two guys that can help you out. But if it's unauctionable it just lessens its importance that little bit.


Cavaliers’ Dynamic Duo

Win Conditions: Score 41 points with both Donovan Mitchell and Caris LeVert.

Rewards: Rare Franchise Accolade Exchange

Tips: It's on pro difficulty. These challenges aren't going to be super hard, they're going to take a while though. Because you've got to score 82 total points, it's probably going to take you what at least a quarter and a half. But you do get a rare franchise accolade from it, it's not the worst situation. But it’s not worth grinding it.


Tyrese Maxey For 3

Win Conditions: Make 9 three-pointers with any Tyrese Maxey.

Rewards: 15 Tokens

Tips: Super easy 2K23 Moments of the Week challenge, and you will get 15 tokens. So if you're in need of tokens, do the token challenges. These are honestly really easy to do, especially the Tyrese Maxey one. You could finish this Challenge in literally three minutes to have 15 tokens. If you are no money spent, just start the game.


Bridges 3-And-D

Win Conditions: Make 3 three pointers and 1 steal with any Mikal Bridges.

Rewards: Current Pennant Exchange

Tips: As far as the 3D player in the NBA is so tough. Make 3 three pointers and one steal that's so easy. A lot of people might need current pennants too and this is such an easy challenge to get done. This one probably should take you like three or four minutes to get done. Again you just have to use Mikal Bridges. The problem with all these NBA2K23 Moments of the Week challenges is that you have to spend your tokens on all of these.


20,000 Career Points

Win Conditions: Score 33 points with any DeMar DeRozan.

Rewards: Historic Team Photo Exchange

Tips: 33 points with DeMar DeRozan again is a really easy challenge that you should be able to get done really quickly.


Cade's Fiery First Half

Win Conditions: Record 27 points and 4 assists with any Cade Cunningham.

Rewards: 2,500 MT

Tips: Another five-minute challenge. Are five minutes worth 2500 NBA 2K23 MT? Probably is. If you have Cade Cunningham, you probably should at least just go and grind that.


Sga’s 38 Points

Win Conditions: Record 38 points and 9 assists with any Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Rewards: Current Team Photo Exchange

Tips: Nine assists another very easy challenge to get done. You do get a current team photo exchange, but we don't know how valuable those are anymore just because they are RNG. You're going to have a lot of the current team photo exchanges anyways. But it is something to at least look at.


Hot Hand Huerter

Win Conditions: Score 27 points, while making 7 three-pointers with any Kevin Huerter.

Rewards: 2,500 MT

Tips: It’s easy to do, a three-minute challenge to be done.


Are NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week Challenges Worth Grinding?

If you're no money spent, if you're not grinding the trophy cases, it's useless. Unless you need an exact like historic Bandit or a rare franchise Accolade or whatever you might need. Since a lot of NBA 2K23 Moment of the Week rewards are basically worthless. Overall, it's just not that useful when you can be grinding other things in MyTEAM. But if you are really grinding the trophy case or if you need tokens, there are some easy challenges. Overall, you should be able to get all of the NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Moments of the Week challenges done within a couple of hours.

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