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NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Event Guide: Rewards, Centerpiece & How To Complete Challenges Fast

Date: 11/21/2022 12:03:19 PM

There is a huge Trophy Case going on in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM that you have to take advantage of. If you are still going for the Dark Matters and this is going to put you about 1 or 2 pieces away from actually being able to obtain one of the very first Dark Matters. In this NBA 2K23 Trophy Case event guide, we are showing you the rewards, how to get Centerpiece, and complete any Trophy Case challenges in MyTEAM.


NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Event Guide

Complete NBA records and season high Agendas to earn important NBA 2K23 Trophy Case rewards including Pink Diamond, Galaxy Opal, and Dark Matter Trophy Case Cards. 2K took another W and they ended up adding what has to be the new fastest and easiest Centerpiece that you can do right now. This 2K23 Trophy Case event MyTEAM is available for 55 days actually, so there's a lot of time with this. Now, check our NBA 2K23 Trophy Case guide!


NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Rewards

Trophy Case Rewards NBA - Dark Matter Larry Bird

Trophy Case Rewards Western - Dark Matter Tim Duncan

Trophy Case Rewards Eastern - Dark Matter Julius Erving


NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Challenges: How To Get Centerpiece

NBA 2K23 Records & Moments (Reward -Centerpiece)

You go to the Challenges, Skill Challenge, then you go to the NBA Records & Moments and all you have to do is go out there and literally play one full game. There are 10 things you have to complete in NBA Records & Moments that do give you the Centerpiece.


1. NBA Record PTS

Score 100 points with a player in game - Elite Franchise Moment Exchange


2. NBA Record AST

Get 30 assists with a player in game - Elite Franchise Highlight Exchange


3. NBA Record REB

Get 55 rebounds over multiple games - Elite Franchise Moment Exchange


4. NBA Record BLK

Get 17 blocks over multiple games - Elite Franchise Highlight Exchange


5. NBA Record Team PTS

Score 186 points in a game - Legendary Franchise Moment Exchange


6. Season High PTS

Score 59 points with any Joel Embiid in a game - Trophy Case Event Card Option Pack


7. Season High AST

Get 17 assists with any James Harden in a game - Trophy Case Event Card Option Pack


8. Season High REB

Get 22 rebounds with Nikola Vucevic over multiple games - Trophy Case Event Card Option Pack


9. Season High BLK

Get 8 blocks with NBA Series 1 Evan Mobley over multiple games - Trophy Case Event Card Option Pack


10. Season High STL

Get 7 steals with any D’Angelo Russel over multiple games - Trophy Case Event Card Option Pack


NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Event Tips: How To Complete Challenges Fast

There are five challenges that do give you the Trophy Case option pack which gives you any of the pieces that you do need obviously outside of the Centerpiece and the ones that are guaranteed the domination one, the Collection one. If you want to do the 100 points, we would really recommend doing it with somebody you can really green with. 


1. Go To Inside Scoring

  • Win Condition: Practice your inside scoring! Score 5 baskets off post move with a player to earn an inside scoring pack!


The best thing you can do to complete 2K23 Trophy Case Event Challenges fast is going to the Basketball Fundamentals and go into the Inside Scoring you want to do everything and anything that you ever have to do in MyTEAM. So you're going to be able to score whatever it's on Semi-Pro. It's going to be super easy. The only thing that you got to worry about is don't do any like post moves because when you do a 5, it ends the Challenge. All you really have to do is just shoot three-pointers in this Challenge and you'll be fine. You'll never have to worry about ending the challenge, so definitely keep that in mind. This is the easiest Centerpiece ever.


If you do this with indeed, you have to run a lot of picks and pops, and really avoid posting up. But this challenge would be perfect for you to go ahead and do this because again it is 12-minute quarters on Semi-Pro. So you will definitely be able to score over 200 points you know in this in any of these challenges especially with it being on Semi-Pro. You have to score 100 with one player, be sure to avoid injuries, you can give him some breaks throughout the game.


2. Get Assists, Blocks, Points & Steals

Though you will most likely need the full game, you can get a lot done in this one challenge. You will be able to get the assist, even get the blocks, or probably get the points done. Maybe get the steals done the steals are going to be a little wonky. Because again steals are hit or miss, they either give you deals or they don't. So there's really nothing you can do about that.


2. Get Rebounds

Get 55 rebounds, this is just with anybody. So your team getting rebounds like that should be most likely pretty far done in one game. Get 22 rebounds of any Vucevic over, there is the Amythyst one that just came out, so you can use him. You can most likely get this done in one game, pretty easy stuff.


NBA 2K23 New Trophy Case Event

On November 28, we are getting a new NBA 2K23 Trophy Case update along with the MyTEAM event. Obviously, we are getting another new Centerpiece as a part of this event as well. We will update this NBA 2K23 Trophy Case guide once it releases.

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