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NBA 2K22 Best Badges for Point Guard & Big Man - Best Playmaking Badges 2K22

Date: 1/11/2022 4:01:35 PM

If you play as point guards and big men in NBA 2K22, which badges are helpful and which ones you can throw away? Here we focus on NBA 2K22 best badges for a point guard and big man, along with the full tier list of playmaking badges in 2K22. 

2k22 best playmaking badges

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NBA 2K22 Best Point Guard Badges - Best Playmaking Badges 2K22 for PG

Undoubtedly, Quick First Step and Unpluckable are the best and most popular playmaking badges in NBA 2K22, Quick First Step can be used in almost all situations since the Pick Pocket nerf, it is always important for ball handlers and necessary if you need to beat your opponent off the dribble. Unpluckable provides pretty good ball security. For more 2K22 PG playmaking badges, Bullet Passer is recommended to be used on the highest level, Bail Out can pass out of almost any shot, Handles for Days can get up to 155% increase and dribble moves before you run out of stamina on the Hall of Fame level, Tight Handles can stun a lot of defenders using the right moves, especially if they are not using Ankle Breakers, and with Quick Chain, the speed boost is insane, much faster on HOF. 

Below is a complete playmaking badge tier list for NBA 2K22 point guards by NBA2KLab:

The C-tier badges are the ones less useful or worthwhile for 2K22 point guards, but not mean they are worthless. Choose the badge based on your play style and character. 

S-tier: Quick First Step, Unpluckable, Bullet Passer, Bail Out, Handles for Days, Tight Handles, Quick Chain

A-tier: Hyperdrive, Dimer, Stop & Go, Glue Hands

B-tier: Ankle Breaker, Space Creator, Downhill, Needle Threader

C-tier: Post Playmaker, Break Starter, Triple Threat Juke, Special Delivery, Floor General

NBA 2K22 Best Big Man Badges - Best Playmaking Badges 2K22 for Big Man

The S-tier badges are the ones you need in NBA 2K22 when you play as a big man, you’ll want these badges as high as you can get them. Bullet Pass is regarded as one of the best playmaking badges in both 2K22 Park and Pro-Am, almost all builds can benefit from it. Point guards and big men should get this, but it’s useful for everyone. Post Playmaker provides a great boost to shooters after an offensive rebound and generally, there are open shooters in that situation. Glue Hands, another great playmaking badge, and doesn't matter if you're running the pick and roll or just catching and shooting, it helps catch all passes cleanly so it's definitely a good badge to equip. Bail Out is also a good badge, but it's restricted to players 6’10” and under, which doesn't qualify for most bigs, if you can get it, you only need to equip this on bronze. 

Below is a complete playmaking badge tier list for NBA 2K22 big man by NBA2KLab:

S-tier: Bullet Passer, Quick First Step, Unpluckable

A-tier: Post Playmaker, Glue Hands, Bail Out

B-tier: Floor General, Needle Threader

C-tier: Hyperdrive, Tight Handles, Quick Chain, Stop & Go, Ankle Breaker, Handles for Days, Space Creator, Special Delivery, Downhill, Triple Threat Juke, Dimer, Breaker Starter

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