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NBA 2K23 All-Star Showcase Event Guide: Challenges, Rewards, Locker Codes & Best Player To Get

Date: 2/10/2023 12:16:52 PM

All-Star Showcase Spotlight Event is coming to NBA 2K23 MyTEAM. This All Star event is loaded with free Galaxy Opal and Pink Diamond Rewards. In this NBA 2K23 All-Star Showcase Event 2023 guide, we are telling you the rewards, challenges, locker codes, and best cards to get.


NBA 2K23 All-Star Showcase Event Guide 2023 - Challenges, Rewards, Locker Codes & Best Players To Get In MyTEAM

The NBA 2K23 MyTEAM All-Star Showcase Spotlight Event is going alive on February 11. This event will feature new player mode rewards, challenge-based event cards, locker codes, and the All-Star Base Set coming next week. All you need to do is complete the event collection for the free Galaxy Opal. Are you ready for the NBA 2K23 All-Star Showcase Event for the next two weeks? 


NBA 2K23 All Star Showcase Event Challenges

1. Complete Triple Threat Online Co-OP or 10 Game Win Streak

Reward - Quentin Richardson

2. Complete Domination or Unlimited

Reward - Karl Malone

3. Complete Triple Threat Offline or Triple Threat Online

Reward - Spencer Dinwiddie

4. Complete Clutch Time Offline or Clutch Time Online

Reward - Joe Harris


NBA 2K23 All Star Showcase Event Rewards

After you complete all 2K23 All Star challenges, the final takeover reward is going to be the Galaxy Opal Russell Westbrook. This year, Russell Westbrook could be something different. Russell Westbrook has a Galaxy Opal on definitely a big fat W. 


Which NBA 2K23 All Star Rewards Worth Getting

1. Spencer Dinwiddie

Similar to last week in Triple Threat, you had Baron Davis. This upcoming week Spencer Dinwiddie's going to be there now. Is Spencer Dinwiddie we're going to get in MyTEAM going to be as good as last year’s Moments card? No, this year he is no different. He's 6’6, and as a Pink Diamond, he could be really solid. Ja Morant dribble style isn't the worst at being 6’6. Dinwiddie base and we'll see if any of those things get changed in NBA 2K23 All Star Event 2023 because they definitely could get changed.


2. Karl Malone

Karl Malone’s released pretty rough, and it's not horrible, but his release is really rough. When we talk about Karl Malone, don't mention how he was IRL, because he was a horrible person. As far as Karl Malone Pro dribble style and Karl Malone base. Is the Karl Malone base bad? It's basically what it was in past years and is not necessarily bad. Is it the best release in the game? No. Is it one that you should be able to green with? Absolutely. 

Now the exciting thing for Karl Malone is the power forward position. Sure, he's only 6’9, but he's going to have one of the widest players builds in the entire game. That's what Karl Malone is basically known for. Hopefully defensively that's where he makes his impact. Because if that's the case, if defensively he is up there with being one of the best power forwards in the entire game and he is an unlimited eight wins.


3. Joe Harris

He's 6’6, his player build is not necessarily that great, release is not great either. Don't expect too much out of Joe Harris or Spencer Dinwiddie. Joe Harris is decently tall, does have the MJ dribble style. If they updated sigs, maybe he becomes a little bit better.


4. Quentin Richardson

Here's the deal with Quentin Richardson. When was the last time we saw a good Quentin Richardson card? If Quentin Richardson doesn't have a good release, then how can you make this card great? He had slashed dribble style last year, just not good. Quentin Richardson is just not that great in MyTEAM, although he does have the MJ dribble style and normal leaner.


5. Russell Westbrook

We get to the fun part, and that is Mr. Russell Westbrook. Now Pink Diamond Trophy Case reward Russell Westbrook was obviously great. He was obviously super good and could play at the highest level in MyTEAM. Defensively he wasn't great, but offensively nobody could stop him. Imagine that with Russ getting a release on very quick or quick and maybe even a normal jump shot, he's going to be unguardable. You want the best offensive point guard in the game, this card and James Harden are going to be up there, one and two. 

The reason why Russell Westbrook is good at 6'3, it's that he has a decently wide player model and player book. Is he the one that everybody's going to like? Doubt it, because he is only 6’3. A lot of people are just going to rather run Ben Simmons. Obviously, both Ben Simmons and Magic Johnson are going to be better than Russell Westbrook, but when you think about point guards in MyTEAM and want offensive point guards, it's Russell Westbrook and James Harden.


NBA 2K23 All Star Showcase Event Locker Codes

The new locker codes for 2K23 All-Star event are going to be a guaranteed Michael Jordan. All you need to do is type "all-star-jordan-23-in-myteam", and redeem your free Diamond reward!

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