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  • 2k22 best pf build NBA 2K22 Best Power Forward Build Current Gen & Next Gen - Best Big Man Build in 2K22

    With a series of new badges, pie charts, and mechanism changes implemented in NBA 2K22 MyPLAYER builder, do you want to build a version of demigod to impress everyone? If you are looking for the best big man build in park or pro-am, here we’ll take a look at the two best NBA 2K22 power forward (PF) ...

    9/13/2021 2:40:01 PM

  • qq图片20210911221013 NBA 2K22 Next Gen Best Build - Most Overpowered Builds For All Positions In 2K22 Next Gen

    NBA 2K22 next gen MyPLAYER builder is officially out here, we have been waiting for this very moment. Every year, point guard and centers are the most important positions in the game, how to make the best build in NBA 2K22? It seems a lot of people are confused about the NBA 2K22 next gen builders. ...

    9/11/2021 9:46:26 PM

  • 2k22 PG build skill pie chart NBA 2K22 Best Point Guard Build Current Gen - Most Overpowered PG Build in 2K22

    How to dominate from the first day of NBA 2K22? A demigod MyPLAYER build is critical. Go with this NBA 2K22 best point guard build on current-gen, which is one of the most overpowered PG build in the game. Related Read: NBA 2K22 Best Power Forward BuildNBA 2K22 Current Gen Best Point Guard Build - D...

    9/10/2021 3:46:52 PM

  • qq图片20210910120058 NBA 2K22 Current Gen Best Center Build - Top 5 Most Overpowered Builds In 2K22 Current Gen

    It’s been rumored short centers are the wave now in NBA 2K22. Then how to make the best 2K22 build on day one? Whatever your playstyle is, here we are bringing you the top 5 best builds in NBA 2K22 current gen, including a playmaking shot creator, a slashing playmaker, a tall playmaker, an inside ce...

    9/10/2021 11:35:36 AM

  • 2k22 jump shot creator NBA 2K22 Best Jumpshot - 100% Automatic Green Jumpshot in NBA 2K22

    NBA 2K22 kicks off today! With the returning of most classic modes, have you started your new game journey? It’s time to go to the jump shot creator and test some custom jumpshots. Now we update the best NBA 2K22 jumpshot that can get the easiest green on current gen and next gen.  Related Read: NBA...

    9/10/2021 11:15:32 AM

  • 2K22 best team NBA 2K22 Best Team in MyCAREER - Top 5 2K22 Teams for Each Position (PG, SG, SF, PF & C)

    With the time getting closer to the beginning of NBA 2K22, there should be lots of things to do. If you are going to start with MyCAREER, it’s critical to choose a team to join and play for it. Here we’ll go through the NBA 2K22 best team in MyCAREER by position, you can pick one of the top 5 2K22 t...

    9/8/2021 3:25:00 PM

  • How To Get Free NBA 2K22 MT & Where To Buy Cheap 2K22 MT?

    NBA 2K22 is coming on September 10, make sure you seize the chance to get the limited ring on the first weekend during NBA 2K22 season 1. However, many players are struggling with grinding NBA 2K22 MT, this guide is going to share the fast way to get free NBA 2K22 MT and buy NBA 2K22 MT on buynba2km...

    9/7/2021 5:29:38 PM

  • qq图片20210907160144_副本 NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen Build System - How To Make The Best NBA 2K22 MyPLAYER Builds

    Are you most excited about new gameplay, new dribbling, new shot meter, or the new builder system in NBA 2K22? Are you excited about the matchmaking, the cruise ship, or new level rewards in NBA 2K22 season 1? Nothernless, the majority is going to wonder what is the best MyPlayer build should we goi...

    9/7/2021 2:43:44 PM

  • qq图片20210906152008 NBA 2K22 Season 1 Best Cards - Top 5 Cards In 2K22 MyTEAM

    NBA 2K22 will be launching seasons every six weeks. NBA 2K22 Season 1: Call to Ball is almost around the corner. Complete the challenges get new season rewards including XP, NBA 2K MT, top tier cards, new music and apparel. In addition, there are so many amazing free cards in Season 1. Read our guid...

    9/6/2021 4:08:31 PM

  • qq图片20210903170038_副本 NBA 2K22 Season 1 Call To Ball - Draft Mode, TTO, Rewards, Cards & Tips For 2K22

    NBA 2K has released NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Trailer along with news including build system, gameplay, shot meter, badges, takeovers and more. One that calls for our special attention is that what can we expect from Season 1 in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM? At, our NBA 2K22 Season 1 guide, in-depth level 4...

    9/4/2021 5:05:12 PM

  • 2k22 myplayer builder NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder - New Pie Charts, Badges, Takeover System in 2K22 Build System

    NBA 2K22 MyPlayer build creator is officially revealed on current gen and next gen, along with that, a new Takeover system, new Shot Meter, and new badges are available in the game. In this NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder guide, we’ll go through the addition of pie charts and badges to the build system on...

    9/2/2021 4:33:20 PM

  • NBA-2K21-Best-Shooting-Guard-Build-3 NBA 2K22 Best Shooting Guard Build - How To Make The Best PlayMaking Shot Creator In 2K22

    Have you figured out what build you're going to make in NBA 2K22? although we have not seen the MyPlayer builder, we all know that 2K tends to make a lot of the same things when they first dropped their game. before we get into everything about the build and how you should be attacking the MyPlayer ...

    8/31/2021 5:26:49 PM

  • maxresdefault (1) NBA 2K22 New Badges - All 5 NBA 2K22 New Badges Abilities Explained

    A few days ago, we got some huge information on 2K22 about the seasons and much more. if 2K does it correctly, that could be a huge addition to the game. Another news is you can level up offline MyCareer 2K22, which won’t be an issue unless you're getting more level in let's say 30 minutes of playin...

    8/31/2021 4:10:15 PM

  • nba-2k21-zion-williamson-rating NBA 2K22 Best Small Forward Build - OP 65 Badges Zion Williamson Build In 2K22

    At this close to the 2K22 launch, we don't know enough about 2K22's MyPlayer builder, we don't even think we're getting a demo, but what we do know is that both current and next gen will share new unlockable animations every season. so they'll probably also share the MyPlayer builder, which will mos...

    8/31/2021 3:03:50 PM

  • nba 2k22 seasons NBA 2K22 New Rep System - NBA 2K22 Rep Rewards & Season 1 Rewards

    According to the latest courtside report of 2K, a new Seasons system will be embraced in the upcoming NBA 2K22, players are allowed to earn rewards and prizes through multiple game modes. How will the NBA 2K22 season work? Follow us to check out the new NBA 2K22 rep system, rewards and special rewar...

    8/25/2021 12:04:40 PM

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