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  • blob nba 2k17 patch 1.06 notes coming soon to ps4/xb1/pc

    2k released patch 1.05 recently,this time the patch is mainly used for debug. i have some good ideas while we enjoy the latest version, here they are:badge systemsure everybody knows that they need to land 200 “double move leading to a score” in a single season to unlock ankle breaker, but none of t...

    11/17/2016 3:26:25 PM

  • 20161116101238 nba 2k17 guide: how to get rid of being banned online

    there are always some players complained that their nba 2k17 account has been banned form playing online for cheating. if you happens to meet this problem. here is the guide for you to get rid of being to get rid of being bannedgo to and click the "sign in" link at ...

    11/16/2016 10:14:18 AM

  • nba 2k17 badge guide settings nba 2k17 badge guide:how to get ankle breaker hall of fame badge in nba 2k17

    nba 2k17 has various badges; bronze, silver, gold and most importantly hall of fame for you  to unlock. all the players are curious about how to unlock them in the game. but some badges are just too difficult to get. one of these is the ankle breaker badge. in this guide well show you...

    11/15/2016 3:11:20 PM

  • nba 2k17 black friday walmart walmart black friday 2016 ad preview: $27 each for nba 2k17 & fifa 17 on ps4, xb1

    black friday 2016 is just around the corner, and for gamers, deals on consoles, accessories and games will be everywhere. you can expect from them on black friday. here’s the walmart black friday 2016 deals we know of :games$27fifa 17 (all consoles)nba 2k17 (all consoles)highlighting their top black...

    11/14/2016 10:15:42 AM

  • qq图片20161112153559 nba 2k17 hall of fame ankle breaker guide in mycareer mode

    in "nba 2k17," the different badges are personality, playmaking, defensive, inside scoring, outside scoring and athletic. these are further categorized into gold, silver and bronze. there are 55 badges in all to acquire in "nba 2k17," which will help players in their journey. what is more interestin...

    11/12/2016 3:37:20 PM

  • qq图片20161110130818 nba 2k17 badges guide: fast to unlock mycareer badges

    it is time-consuming to unlock the badges in nba 2k17. here provides you with a guide to fast unlocking nba 2k17 mycareer badges. let's check it out.first of allcall for screendrive to the basketdestroy whoever tries to help down lowankle breakerdo enough driving layups, layups, and d...

    11/10/2016 10:41:12 AM

  • blob nba 2k17 mygm mode team selection and draft trade tips

    nba 2k17 mygm is a mode where players can have coaching experience. here provides you with team selection and draft trade tips in nba 2k17 mygm mode. let's take a look at nba2k17 mygm mode.1. team selectionnba 2k17 trade finder is better than that of nba 2k16. basically all of the pla...

    11/8/2016 5:21:07 PM

  • 20161107085806 nba 2k17 patch 1.05 update notes on ps4 and x1: mycareer/mycourt and mypark/2k pro-am

    nba 2k17 patch 1.05 is now live on ps4 and x1! read all the patch notes herethe nba 2k17 patch update v5 has been released on ps4 (coming soon to xb1 & pc). among the changes include general   hdr support has been added for the ps4.   support for the ps4 pro has been added. nba 2k17 will run at a na...

    11/7/2016 8:59:24 AM

  • blob nba 2k17 throwback thursday 76ers & suns

    nba 2k17 throwback thursday has been released in myteam mode ,open packs for a chance to collect and play with dr. j (reward), dan majerle & much more!there are a few ways to collect cards for myteam. one of these is by using the in-game currency called vc to purchase packs of cards. the nba 2k17 my...

    11/4/2016 10:13:33 AM

  • qq图片20161103160929 thierry henry is playable in nba 2k17 blacktop mode

    thierry henry is playable in nba 2k17 blacktop modein 2k's basketball game, henry a regular court-side during san antonio spurs home games, as he is in real life. thierry henryon friday, eurogamer revealed that former arsenal and france striker thierry henry has been added to “nba 2k17” and fans wou...

    11/3/2016 4:36:52 PM

  • nba 2k17 posterizer badge nba 2k17 badge guide:how to get posterizer badge in mycareer

    anyone know a reliable way to get this badge for a character with low contact and driving dunk stats? will bring you nba 2k17 badges tips: how to get posterizer badge in to get the posterizer badge?call for screendrive to the basketdestroy whoever tries to help down lowst...

    11/2/2016 3:55:16 PM

  • nba 2k17 111 nba 2k17 myteam guide: players card to choosing attributes believes there is a misunderstanding when many game players choose players in nba 2k17. many will look at the overall rating and overall stats. here is providing you with a guide to choose myteam players card attribute, which hopefully will be helpful. in nba 2k17 mytea...

    11/1/2016 5:25:39 PM

  • nba 2k17 best free throw nba 2k17 best free throw in mycareer mode: thompson and jordan

    in the nba 2k17, the free throw has been adjusted. unlike previously, now we cannot upgrade free throw through 2k17 vc. how can we increase the free throw percentage? check out with the tips and tricks.choose a good player free throw stylewhen we choose the free throw player shooting ...

    10/31/2016 4:35:12 PM

  • Video Thumb nba 2k17 2ktv answers episode 7 - mike conley

    mike conley reveals his pre-game rituals in nba 2ktv s3. ep. 72k are hanging with the grizzlies’ mike conley. 2ktv find out one pre-game ritual he has had since college. then it’s a tight game when he jumps on the sticks for a game of 2k with his brother! plus, scott o’gallagher breaks down the ace ...

    10/29/2016 3:00:29 PM

  • nba 2k17 badge grand badge earned nba 2k17 grand badge shot creator guide

    nba 2k17 badge is one of the most popular game contents in mycareer. grand badge shot creator is the badge that many player want to unlock. learn more about this badge with and find out how to unlock it.congratulations! you've taken your shot creating ability to an elite level. which ...

    10/28/2016 2:41:11 PM

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