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  • NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Build NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Build - Most Overpowered PG Build for 2K22 Season 6

    When going into the new season, what type of build should you make? With the time towards the end of the game, maybe you can go in some different directions from before. Let’s get straight to the following NBA 2K22 best build for Season 6 with its breakdown. NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Build - Most Overp...

    4/11/2022 4:54:32 PM

  • Season 6 jumpshot 1 NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Jumpshot - Top 5 New Highest Green Window Jumpshots for 2K22

    Want to get unlimited green window jumpshots in NBA 2K22? What are the best bases and best releases to use? Since the start of Season 6, we’ll take you to look at 5 new NBA 2K22 Season 6 best jumpshot that works for the next gen and current gen. Related Read: NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best BuildNBA 2K22 Sea...

    4/9/2022 11:52:19 AM

  • qq图片20220407093548 NBA 2K22 Season 6 Release Date & Rewards: Level 40, Domination, Triple Threat, Clutch Time, And More In MyTEAM

    Season 6 is coming to NBA 2K22 MyTEAM soon. Season 6 in 2K21 last year was Glitched Reality. Season 6 in NBA 2K22 is Zero Gravity, and we could see so many free dark matters and new dark matter rewards. Without further ado, let’s talk about the NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Season 6 rewards, including level 40, T...

    4/6/2022 12:01:50 PM

  • 2k23 leaks and rumors NBA 2K23 Rumors & Leaks: Release Date, Cover Athlete, Cross Platform & Game Modes

    Although there is a long time toward an close to NBA 2K22, many players started to look ahead at the next 2K game. Actually, NBA 2K23 is on its way. Today we are going to talk about some popular NBA 2K23 rumors and leaks, involving its release date, trailer, cover star, cross-platform, game modes (M...

    3/26/2022 4:01:14 PM

  • 2K22 best defensive build NBA 2K22 Best Defensive Build - Top 3 Defense Build 2K22 Current Gen

    How to max out your defense capability to guard the opponents in NBA 2K22 games? What attributes matter much for your player? Become a top-tier defender with the following NBA 2K22 current-gen defensive build. Top 3 NBA 2K22 Best Defensive (Lock) Build Current GenCheck out the breakdown of three def...

    3/24/2022 10:45:08 AM

  • qq图片20220323104246_副本 NBA 2K22 Bracket Busters Spotlight Challenges - How To Complete New Spotlights For Ralph Sampson

    In NBA 2K22, we got Dark Matter English at 3,600 cards to add to the collection. Then we got the small matter of Elite Super Pack. Most importantly, the first Spotlights of the year are now in NBA 2K22. In this NBA 2K22 Bracket Busters Spotlight Challenges guide, we are telling you everything you ne...

    3/23/2022 10:33:10 AM

  • ray allen NBA 2K22 Best Dark Matters - Most Overpowered Dark Matter Cards In 2K22 MyTEAM

    There are lots of new Dark Matters arrived in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM along with the new Season 6: Power Within. Today we are going over the best Dark Matters in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, so you can better see which Dark Matter card is the best for you. NBA 2K22 Best Dark Matters - Most Overpowered Dark Matter Cards...

    3/18/2022 3:13:03 PM

  • 2K22 best galaxy opals NBA 2K22 Best Galaxy Opal Cards - Galaxy Opal Tier List in 2K22 MyTEAM

    There are various ways to get and earn free Galaxy Opal cards for free in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, such as leveling up, limited-time or lifetime challenges, locker codes, winning games, etc., you can also buy them with MyTEAM points. Which are the best GO players to get? We present the NBA 2K22 Galaxy Opal ...

    3/14/2022 4:33:08 PM

  • QQ图片20220310115002 NBA 2K22 Best March MOTM Cards - Which Moments Of The Month Cards Worth Getting In MyTEAM

    NBA 2K22 brought out new Moments of the Month card in MyTEAM. Which are the best Moments of the Month cards are worth grinding in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM? Is the Jalen Smith of the world, Brandon Ingram of the World or the free dark matter Ja Morant? Today, we go over the best NBA 2K22 March Moments cards a...

    3/10/2022 12:06:58 PM

  • 2k22 moments of the month march NBA 2K22 March Moments of the Month: How to Complete MOTM Challenges for DM Ja Morant

    Start March with new Moments of the Month in NBA 2K22! Completing this agenda before some time in April will earn you 20 players and more via option packs, do all challenges for DM Ja Morant. Here we are going to list all NBA 2K22 Moments of the Month March challenges, requirements and rewards, as w...

    3/9/2022 11:21:56 AM

  • qq图片20220302121159 How To Hit Level 40 Fast In NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen (Season 5)

    NBA 2K22 Season 5: Power Within goes with the new mascots and new affiliation mascots. Players are very eager to rep up and play and the new season. When it comes to rep and leveling up in 2K22, what is the best way to level up at 40 and unlock mascots? At, we break down the best rep ...

    3/2/2022 10:02:36 AM

  • 2k22 sharpshooter build NBA 2K22 Best Sharpshooter Build Current & Next Gen - 2 Way & Pure Sharpshooter 2K22

    The sharpshooter in NBA 2K22 can range from point guard to shooting guard position, and dealy from downtown and mid-range, especially combing good badges. Now, we’ve found the NBA 2K22 best sharpshooter build for current-gen and next-gen, they are overpowered 2-way sharpshooter and pure sharpshooter...

    3/1/2022 5:44:59 PM

  • qq图片20220301142147 NBA 2K22 Gold Rush Guide - Rewards & How To Win Gold Rush In 2K22

    Which of these first NBA 2K22 Season 5 events are you pulling up on weekends? Gold Rush aka Boost Rush has returned to NBA 2K22 in Season 5. Gold Rush was released on Saturday, February 26. In this NBA 2K22 Gold Rush event guide, we tell you the Gold Rush rewards, the best build, and tips to win Gol...

    3/1/2022 12:06:53 PM

  • 2k22 kevin durant build current gen NBA 2K22 Current Gen Kevin Durant Build - Best 6'10" Build 2K22

    Kevin Durant can shoot from anywhere and helps score for your team. How do you make your player like Kevin Durant? Shooting and finishing are important when you create the MyPLAYER build, check out the following NBA 2K22 Kevin Durant build current gen, which is a demigod 6’10” build, along with a br...

    2/25/2022 4:54:23 PM

  • qq图片20220225093842 NBA 2K22 Season 5 Guide - New Level 40 Reward, Cards, Game Modes & Locker Codes

    On the same day as NBA 2K22 season 4 comes to a conclusion, season 5 will begin. Season 5 NBA 2k22 MyTEAM is going to be dynamic. We're going to be getting a ton of new dark matters, free galaxy opals, locker codes, rewards and basically, everything else when 2K adds a new season. In this NBA 2K22 s...

    2/23/2022 4:54:00 PM

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